• My daughter has always been advanced, so this is a great way to reward her for working hard and staying on top of her studies

    It allows my son to pursue more challenging college level courses, preparing him well for his college career. In addition, as a homeschooler, it gives him valuable classroom experience.

    CE is a great fit for my son. He is more interested in automotive than traditional university 4-year degree programs.

    It allows them to take classes without incurring much debt and gives them time to decide what to do after high school without spending a ton of money.

    Concurrent Enrollment was a great fit for my son. It helped him with GPA recovery and made him more sure that he wanted to go to a 4year University. Having attended College classes at PPCC he feels more prepared to take classes at the university level.

    It has given her an understanding of how college courses work and how they are different from high schools. It also has given her a "leg up" in the academia world. The savings of tuition alone has been wonderful and her confidence, self-esteem, time management and even dealing with stress have strengthened because of this experience.

    It is a good fit because it is economical and is easily manageable with a busy theatre schedule and other activities.

    It was a perfect fit because it helped her transition from high school into college without being overwhelmed.

    Concurrent Enrollment is a good fit for my daughter because she is able to complete both high school and college credits

    Concurrent Enrollment is a good fit because it has allowed me to achieve an associate’s degree before I graduate. This saves  me time and money for the future, and I can go on to accomplish my dreams faster.

     It allows her to work at the correct level for her abilities and make strides in earning her college degree at her own pace.