District 49 was awarded a 5-year, $1.5 million grant from the Department of Defense Education Activity, which will allow the district to improve social emotional support through the implementation of restorative practices.

    Through the Building Restorative Interventions Growing Honorable Traditions Initiative, or BRIGHT, staff will increase the level of support for military dependent students’ social-emotional well being at targeted schools at the elementary and middle school levels. This increase will be accomplished by implementing the school-wide behavior program restorative practices, and providing embedded professional development focused on proactively addressing behavior and meeting the social-emotional needs of military dependents. These goals are accomplished by bringing on a Restorative Practices Training Manager, Lea Holland and Melissa Dashner as the Military Student Transisiton Consultant. 

    For more information on the BRIGHT Initiative, please call Lea Holland at 719.495.1149 ext 1019.

  • Louis Fletcher
    Culture and Services Director
    Phone: 719.495.1105
    Lea Holland
    BRIGHT Initiative Project Manager
    Phone: 719.495.1149, ext. 1019
    Lisa Montez
    Military Student Transition Consultant
    Phone: 719.495.1149 ext. 1022