• Student 2 Student Programs 

  • ElemS2S  

    Elementary Student 2 Student


    D49 Schools with eS2S Programs:

    • Ridgeview Elementary
    • Rocky Mountain Classical Academy
  • S2S

    Student 2 Student 


    D49 Schools with S2S Programs:

    • Falcon Middle School
    • Banning Lewis Prepatory Academy
    • Rocky Mountain Classical Academy
    • Falcon High School 
    • Vista Ridge High School
    • Sand Creek High School 
  • Easing the Transition Challenge

    Imagine being a school-age child waking up one morning realizing that you are in a strange new place, and, except for your family, you don’t know anyone at all. You have no friends, you have no one to talk with and you know nothing about the school you are about to enter, the neighborhood you live in, and the community you just moved into.

    Moving to a new place and adjusting to a new school, new teachers and finding new friends are daunting and scary experiences for most school-age children, especially if the child faces the experience more than once.

    Believing that transitioning does not have to be difficult, “just different,” S2S or Student-2-Student is a unique student-led, school managed program that confronts the challenges of transition and provides relevant training that gives students the best possible transition experience.

    A team of volunteer students, supervised by a school counselor, teacher or other school staff person, trains inbound and outbound transitioning students on three subject areas: academics, relationships, and finding the way. For the incoming students the team provides a forum for students to quickly feel welcomed, comfortable, included and accepted into their new school community. For the outgoing student, the team assists in helping outbound students better prepare for transitioning to another school.

    S2S is a powerful program designed to help change a transitioning student’s focal point from what the student has lost to what the student will gain through the relocation. S2S guides students through their uncertain surroundings, offering — from a peer viewpoint — valued information, friendship and assistance in three areas that matter most to transitioning students.

    • How do I find my way around?
    • Who will I meet? How will I make friends? What about my relationships?
    • What do I need to know about the academic requirements at this school?



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