Enroll at Falcon Homeschool Program

  • The Falcon Homeschool Program is no longer enrolling students for the 2020-2021 school year. To express your interest in possible enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year, please complete our interest survey


    Admissions Procedures and Guidelines

    The Falcon Homeschool Program is a part time, choice program within School District 49 that is available to all students, regardless of their school district of residence. As a result, we do not participate in the school of choice window and enrollment is initiated on a first-come, first-served basis beginning with attending an information meeting in the spring. Students of the program continue operating under the Colorado homeschool law with their parents/guardians serving as the official teacher of record. Interested families must adhere to the following process for enrollment and have their application approved through the receipt of an acceptance form from FHP. Continued enrollment is contingent upon adherence to the rules and policies of the Falcon Homeschool Program as outlined in this handbook and submission of required annual documentation.

    Application Process

    1.  Contact program office to express interest and obtain materials to proceed:

    2.  Participate in a pre-enrollment meeting

    Fulfill any follow-up enrollment requests, to include (but are not limited to) current and historical documentation (i.e IEP, 504, ILP, ALP, etc.) within 2 weeks of information meeting.

    Based off staffing limitations, we have the ability to service a total of 4 students each in the areas of speech, occupational therapy and resource. Parents and guardians must receive a status of enrollment notice (either approved or denied) and act accordingly:


      • If enrollment has been approved, continue with D49 process
      • If enrollment has been denied, no further action is necessary (see Grounds for Denial of Enrollment)

    3.  Indicate acknowledgement and agreement with FHP policies and procedures as outlined in the student handbook through completion of the signature page.

    Families and students enrolled in the FHAP program will also need to acknowledge their understanding of the commitments of the academic program in terms of homework, attendance, (etc.) by signing a separate agreement page.

    Please Note: Final enrollment approval will be determined upon reviewing enrollment documents.  FHP reserves the right to deny final enrollment if paperwork indicates incomplete, inaccurate or falsified information. Note:  FHP provides families a connection to the public school setting, but do not offer a full array of education services including special education services


    FHP Enrollment Criteria

    Enrollment is available and tuition-free to any child meeting student enrollment requirements including but not limited to:


    • Age requirements
(see age requirements).
    • The ability of FHP to adequately meet the applicant's special needs (social, behavioral, dietary, physical, academic, etc.).
    • Whether the applicant has been expelled or is in the process of being expelled and/or has history of habitual disruption and/or committing serious violations in a school building or on school property.

    FHP Grounds for Denial of Enrollment

    The following are grounds for denial of enrollment to students requesting choice enrollment:


    • There are no openings available.
    • Student is, or intends to be, enrolled in another (full – time or part – time) publicly funded program or school.
    • Enrollment has been closed for the year (on or around October 1st).
    • It is determined that FHP does not offer appropriate programs or is not structured or equipped with the necessary facilities or personnel to meet the special needs of the student, or does not offer the particular program requested. Acceptance of Special Education students is conditional pending review of outcomes and space availability.  FHP provides families a connection to the public school setting, but do not offer a full array of education services including special education services
    • The student does not meet the established enrollment criteria for participating in a particular program, including but not limited to age requirements (see age requirements below).
    • The student has been expelled from any school district during the preceding 12 months, or has engaged in behavior in another school district during the preceding 12 months that is detrimental to the welfare or safety of other students or of school personnel.
    • The specified course does not meet the minimum amount of students to be offered.


    Age Requirements

    Students must be within the following age parameters by Sept. 15 to enroll into the corresponding enrichment classes:

    Class Grade Levels

    Minimum Age

    Maximum Age

    K – 1st Grade

    5 years old

    7 years old

    2nd – 3rd Grade

    7 years old

    9 years old

    4th – 5th Grade

    9 years old

    11 years old

    6th – 7th Grade

    11 years old

    13 years old

    The maximum age to participate in the academic program is 18 years old on Sept. 15.

    Withdrawal Process

    Should you choose to discontinue your enrollment with FHP, please request a withdrawal form, arrange a time to pick up any portfolios, student work and/or personal items, and prepare all borrowed curriculum for return (fees may be assessed if items are not returned).

Submission of Required Documentation

  • Test / Evaluation Results


    Homeschool students in Colorado must be tested or evaluated at the completion of 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grades. 

    To submit test results to District 49, choose one of the following options:


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  • Notice of Intent to Homeschool


    There are several options for submitting your Notice of Intent to Homeschool (NOI) to District 49 depending on your student’s current situation:

    • Withdrawing student(s) from D49 school:
      • submit your NOI directly to that school along with your completed withdrawal paperwork 
    • Current part-time student of a D49 enrichment program (FHEP, FHAP, RMCA Homeschool, Falcon Aerolab, etc.)
      • Submit NOI directly to the enrichment program registrar
    • Existing homeschool student, new to D49, withdrawing from another school district or other situation not listed:


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