Accreditation & Improvement

    • Accreditation

    • The State Board of Education annually accredits each district in Colorado based on a District Performance Framework. Additionally, The Education Accountability Act of 2009, requires local Boards of Education to accredit each of its operated and chartered schools by October 15th each year. Each school is issued a School Performance Framework which describes success in the areas of academic achievement, academic growth, growth gaps, and post-secondary workforce readiness. Additionally, the Colorado Department of Education has developed an interactive dashboard to view annual data by district and school as part of the state accountability system.


    • Continuous Improvement
      With a commitment to continuous improvement, District 49 has adopted a local accountability system for our district-operated schools that supplements the state accountability system.  Our local accountability system reports results on the performance of our schools beyond those provided by state assessment results and emphasizes incorporating community priorities for school performance. 

    • Local data is collected and analyzed in four overall indicator areas: Student Achievement, Student Growth, Culture, and Operations. After reviewing and analyzing this local data alongside state assessment results and performance frameworks, schools prioritize improvement strategies and develop a continuous improvement plan in collaboration with various stakeholders. These plans are developed on an annual basis and shared with the School and District Accountability Committees throughout the year. Use the links to the right to access school improvement plans and their local accountability data via our zone-level dashboards.

Lisa Fillo
Executive Director of Learning Services
Phone: 719.494.8951