Literacy Overview

  • Every child a reader by the time they leave third grade is an important mission for D49 as well as the state. The READ Act, Reading to Ensure Academic Development, was passed by the legislature in 2012 and enacted in 2013. READ Act focuses on early literacy development (K-3) for all and especially those at risk of not achieving third grade reading proficiency. Components of the Act include:  Local Education Providers must identify students with significant reading deficiencies, provide interventions for those students, involve parents as partners in reading achievement, and a part of the School Performance Frameworks for schools must focus on reducing the number of students with reading deficiencies. Funding is provided to districts based on the number of students with a significant reading deficiency. These funds may be used for interventions, tutoring, summer school, and full day Kindergarten.

Stacey Franklin
Coordinator of Literacy Performance
Phone: 719.494.8953