Education Technology

  • District 49’s Education Technology team supports staff and students in the use of technology for daily instruction and assessment. The team provides expertise in the areas of education technology, instructional technology, learning management, computer-based assessments, and Apple mobile device technologies.

    Rachel Jeffrey is an Education Technology Specialist supporting classroom educational technology, teachers' instructional technology, Google Apps for Education, and the Schoology learning management system. Rachel also spearheads District 49’s Student Data Privacy training and implementation, as well as the Digital Citizenship initiative.

    Brent Buena is the Education Technology Specialist supporting computer-based assessments. Brent provides support for all of District 49’s Apple mobile devices used for classroom instruction. He administers the mobile device management server for Apple devices.


Rachel Jeffrey
Education Technology Specialist
Phone: 719.491.1120
Brent Buena
Education Technology Specialist
Phone: 719.201.2173