• Talking Points for 13 Reasons Why Season 2

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 5/15/2018

    Many parents and staff were concerned about the Netflix show, "13 Reasons Why". This series portrayed very graphic and mature content about suicide, and other teen issues in a very glamorized way. 

    There are several reasons why this series may not be appropriate for teens to watch. The following article helps adults to have talking points about the show when approached by youth. It also provides students with information about why the series may be inappropriate for teen audiences. I hope you find these helpful.

    Talking Points for 13 Reasons Why


    Rather than focus on the 13 Reasons Why... Let's focus more on the 13 Reasons Why Not!  Let's focus on the positiveness of resilency and hope rather than on suicide and violence.  Here are 13 stories of individuals who found hope and reasons "why not" to commit suicide.

    13 Reasons Why NOT!

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  • Below the Surface Posters

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 5/1/2018



    What are thos brightly colored posters all about? Well....District 49 has partnered with NAMI (National Allilance of Mental Illness) and the Colorado Crisis Services to provide mental health support to our high school students.

    The posters, cards, and stickers were the result of teens in the region working with NAMI to come up with ideas of how to get high school students to access the mental health support lines. The teens suggested that a text option be added as this is their main means of communication. Many teens indicated that they did not want to call or talk to a mental health provider but would be more inclined to access the hotline if they could simply text. This is how the Below the Surface campaign began.

    It is called Below the Surface because the teens indicated that on the surface they may seem like everything is OK. But, just below the surface their may be hurt, anxiety, depression, etc. The posters reflect some of the emotions and ideas the teens came up with. The posters are designed to be able to be seen from far away so that individuals don't have to stand right in front of the poster to get the number to text. 

    Teachers and other staff will have business type cards to provide students that match the format of the posters. Often, students will go to teachers, coaches, or security staff before accessing counseling services. When a staff member begins these types of conversations there is often concern about what to do or say. Staff also worry about student's needs after school and weekends. By having the cards to provide to students, staff can encourage the students to access the text number for more focused support.

    When a student texts TALK to 38255, a masters level mental health provider who has been through hours of training is on the other end. They are availabe 24/7 and will text back immediately. They may ask for the school you attend but this is not required. However, it does help us to determine the effectiveness of the poster campaign. If the student wants to talk to a person rather than text, they can also call the Colorado Crisis line at 1-844-493-8255. 

    The purpose of this text line is to support students, and others, through any kind of difficulty. Can't sleep- text; Frustrated with your friends- text, Anxious about a test- text; Frustrated with parents- text; Suicidal- TEXT. 

    This service is not just for teens. Adults can access the line as well. So, if you are having difficulty and just need someone to talk to, sound off with, or just listen- Text TALK to 38255.



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  • ACES and Trauma Informed Care

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 4/2/2018

    So there's been a lot of talk about ACEs scores. What is that? What does that mean?


    ACE's stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences and stems from a huge research study done over several years that linked specific childhood experiences that impacted adult physical and mental health. 


    As a district, we are trying to recognize how these experiences may impact our student's behavior and ability to be open to learning experiences. Through Restorative Practices and a Truama Informed Care model, we can better serve our students by meeting their social and emotional needs. 


    Here is a link to a 5 minute video providing an overview of ACES and Trauma Informed Care.


    ACES- 5 minute video

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  • How to Talk to Students in Grief

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 3/22/2018

         Please see the following link to find information about how to support grieving students.



      How Teachers Can Support Grieving Students



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  • Kindness Begins with You!

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 3/13/2018

    Being kind does not take any extra time or money: it's free!

    These days we are concerned about how our students treat each other and the impact those negative interactions can have on the entire school. In looking at recent events, it seems clear that we ALL need to be more kind to each other.

    As teachers and staff, how can we model this behavior and encourage it so it will generalize to our students? Well.... I have recently come across a really neat FREE resource to help us find ways to be kind to each other. If we could each do one kindness a day on our campuses and work-places, what a difference we could make. 

    There is a great website and app that provides great ideas about Random Acts of Kindness for Educators, Families and Community. Check out Random Acts of Kindness for some great ideas of how to get a movement started to change the culture of your school, community and even your home.

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  • Drug Trends Power Points

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 2/26/2018
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  • District 49 Support and Program Directory

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 1/30/2018 4:30:00 PM

    District 49 has many services and programs available to support our students, families and staff. Please use the link below to find a spreadsheet of District 49 supports.


    District 49 Supports Directory



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  • District 49 Community Supports Directory

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 1/30/2018 4:00:00 PM

    The following link provides some information about community supports in El Paso County. This is by no means an exhaustive list but may provide some information to help you find services in the region. 


    Community Directory

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  • Child Mind Institute

    Posted by Samantha Dosen on 1/19/2018

    I ran across this web-page the other day and found it to have a great deal of information on some interesting topics about parenting and kids. I thought I would share this in case it could be of help to you. Check it out!


    Child Mind Institute

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