• How to Talk to Children About the Corona Virus

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 3/13/2020

    Everyone seems to be stressed out due to the Coronavirus. This stress and anxiety from the adults can really affect our children.  Many parents and teachers are wondering, "How do I talk about the Coronavirus with my kids?". I wanted to share a few things from a great article I found that discusses just that.  

    A few helpful tips presented by the National Association of School Psychologists:

    1- Remain Calm and Reassuring- Our children notice when we are stressed and anxious and respond to our emotions. It's important to remain calm and monitor our tone and actions around our children. 

    2- Be Available to Talk- Have an open line of communication with your children and have a means of being available to talk when they have concerns or questions. Listen and provid extra attention.

    3- Monitor and Limit the Amount of TV and Social Media the family hears - It's important to stay informed but it can also be information overload. Hearing about the virus for hours and hours only heightens anxiety of the entire family. When people are stressed there is often increased conflict and misunderstandings. Keep the media to an informational level.

    4- Maintain as Normal of a Routine as Possible- Regular routines provide comfort and reassurance that things are OK. 


    For the entire article click . here


    Hable con sus hijos sobre el COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Un recurso para padres



    ስለ COVID-19 (ኮሮና ቫይረስ) ከልጆች ጋር ስለመነጋገር የወላጅ መገልገያ .   file:///Users/kboyd/Downloads/COVID-19_parent_handout_NASP_NASN_2-20_FINAL%20AMH.pdf


    和孩子談論 COVID-19



    COVID-19(코로나바이러스)에 관해 자녀와 이야기하기 부모 리소스


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  • Apps Your Student May Be Using

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 8/13/2019

    As we begin the school year, we want to let parents and teacher know about apps that students might be using that may put your child at risk.  


    Here is a link to an article from the Colorado Police Department outlining several apps.


    Colorado Springs Police Department Article on Apps

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  • Drug Trends Power Point

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 2/26/2018
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  • Community Care Blogs about Student, Staff and Parent/Community supports

    Posted by Kim Boyd on 10/16/2017

     I will be writing blogs for each section (Students, Staff, Parents/Community) each month about specific topics of need. Click on the section to the left to see blog items.


    If there is a topic you would like to see reviewed or need more information on, please feel free to email me at kboyd@d49.org and I will post information concerning the most needed topics.



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