• 2022/2023
    This year Stetson Elementary School had many successes in the area of student
    and staff wellness.
    ● Stetson purchased more all-weather umbrellas from money we received
    from UMR funding. These umbrellas can be used to help protect them
    from all different weather conditions.
    ● Stetson Elementary won the Golden Shoe for having the most
    participation in the district 4.9K run/walk event. The prize money was
    used to purchase a new microwave for the staff lounge.
    ● 3 stand umbrellas were purchased using UMR funds for sun protection at
    the picnic tables in our outdoor learning space.
    ● A punching bag and punching gloves were purchased using UMR funds
    for staff to use to release stress and for physical activity.
    ● Recess jump ropes, chinese jump ropes, yoga station spots, physical
    activity FIT sticks, kick bands, wiggle seats, and a balance board were
    purchased with Medicaid funds for student use during the school day.
    ● 142 lives were saved by the students participating in the American Heart
    Association Kids Heart Challenge and we raised over $7,104.75
    ● Stetson Elementary School (along with all the other Sand Creek feeder
    elementary schools) took part in boys and girls 3rd-5th grade youth
    basketball. Our school fielded six teams including a total of 64 players.
    ● Multiple staff members participated in the “Walktober” multi-district steps
    competition. Staff members also participated in the November gratitude
    challenge and in “Feels Like a Million” challenge in the months of April and

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