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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design Masters of Science in Education with a concentration in Visual Arts

Miss Jesse

Hello! My name is Miss Jesse and I have been teaching for over 10 years. My educational journey began in upstate New York, where I achieved my Master's Degree in Education and has lead me West through Texas and finally landing in Colorado. I have three teaching certifications (New York, Texas, and Colorado) and all of these traveling experiences have helped me grow a true love and passion for teaching. I have taught all grade levels, each with a unique set of challenges and learning experiences. It is my personal belief that every individual has the ability to learn, especially if the subject is particularly challenging. If you don't struggle when you learn, then you don't hold an appreciation for that knowledge. Challenges are nothing to be afraid of, and neither is failure. You will fail multiple times in your life before you succeed. The challenging part is deciding to get up and continue after you've failed, until to reach that success.

Before I achieved my Master's Degree in Education, I received my BA in Graphic Design from SUNY Fredonia. I've had to problem solve and overcome many technical problems in my educational journey, ranging from redesigning the schools website, to leading training sessions on how to operate a 3D printer. Even though my BA degree trained me in operating the Adobe Programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign etc) there have been few technology problems that I could not solve. I may not know the specific solution right away, but I always persist and find an appropriate solution to any technological problem that has come my way.

Both my BA in Graphic Design as well as my Masters degree in Science and Education with a specialty in visual arts has trained me well in teaching the visual arts. Plus the 10+ years of educational experience I have received, in a variety of visual art roles places me at a particularly high advantage to teaching the arts. I truly believe that anyone can be an artist. The term artist is rather subjective. In my opinion, if you have a passion that drives you to get up and try, that is art. Whether your art is music, drawing, sewing, or even rearranging your living space. If you feel a strong passion for anything, that is your art form.

I am truly passionate, not only about teaching, but the subject matter that I teach. This love and passion that I feel can easily be seen when I teach. There is a sense of authenticity that you experience when you are with a teacher that genuinely loves what they do. I remember my high school Art Teacher, the one that drove me to become a teacher myself. He had such passion for what he did, and I still feel that passion to this day. When you invite me to teach your child, you will get a professional that truly loves their job. So much so that I want to continue to perform even in the midst of everything that is happening in our world right now. I hope you consider me, to bring my love of the arts to your child's educational experience.

Miss Jesse