Grant and External Funding Request Process

  • Grant Award Grant funding is a valuable resource when traditional funding is limited or not sufficient for the creation of a new program or project. The District 49 grant process allows for district employees at all levels to pursue sources of external funding.

    The first step to submitting a grant is completing the district’s intent to apply form (PDF) located under Resources on this page. This form asks for an outline of the grant, and approval from supervisors. You then submit it to the district's fiscal compliance manager and research and development analyst. If the grant exceeds $10,000, these district staff will then forward the form for approval from the chief officer.


    Who Gets Involved In Grants?

    Grant Funding The fiscal compliance manager oversees all grant budgets and ensures the district remains in compliance with all state and federal laws. When funding is secured, the fiscal compliance manager oversees the grant's administration and monitors reporting requirements. All grant funding over $500 must come through the district office and monies should never go directly to schools or individuals. Grants below $500 can be deposited directly into a school’s F74 account, unless there are reporting requirements.


    The research and development analyst is involved in grant prospecting and writing. When an employee needs help in these areas, the research and development analyst is available for consultation. Additionally, the analyst will review the application for any potential funding conflicts.

    Any Tips? 

    Grant Writing Once an employee has decided to go after a grant, here are points for consideration:
    1. Internal Support: If the funded project will extend beyond the locus of direct control (e.g., a classroom) are the other staff members in support of the project in need of funding? If the grant would only affect the applicant's classroom, has his or her leadership approved going for the grant? 
    2. Grant Requirements
      1. Funding: Some grants require matching funds or in-kind donations. It is critical that budget staff, particularly the fiscal compliance manager, is consulted before applying for these grants.
      2. Reporting: Some grants, particularly large federal ones, have detailed program reporting requirements. These requirements can be quite onerous. Appropriate staff resources must be available to comply with these requirements. 
    3. Exposure to Liability: Some grants require partnering with other agencies or local governments. Sometimes these projects require opening up district facilities to the public. These risks should be carefully considered. 
    4. Eligibility Requirements: Some funding opportunities stipulate that only one request per entity will be considered. This usually means that only one request will be reviewed from the district. Before investing time and energy into crafting an application, the applicant should submit the ITA to identify any known conflicts.


  • Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or idea by raising donations of money from large numbers of people, typically via the internet. Projects approved for crowdfunding must align with school and district priorities. Crowdfunding projects may not be conducted on behalf of an individual or an outside party. Staff members must consider whether the materials or equipment requested require storage, installation, ongoing maintenance or any other commitment of district resources. For more information on Crowdfunding guidelines, click HERE.  To complete a D49 Crowdfunding Request Form please access the form under resources.

Kendra Scott
Accounting and Grants Fiscal Compliance Manager
Phone: 719.494.8920
Lorretta Grimaldo
Title Programs Manager
Phone: 719.494.8905