Discovery at ALLIES


    2020- 2021


    Physical education faced a challenging year with covid restrictions and health concerns. Our school rose to meet the new challenges and made significant changes while continuing to care for the health of ALLIES D 49 students and staff by directly impacting where and how they can participate in curriculum-based lessons, growth mindset opportunities, and meeting CDE standards in physical education.


    With consistent outdoor classroom settings, e-learning physical supportive videos, and a new extra large-sized protective canopy, ALLIES students used new goal setting, learning skills, and creative strategies to complete physical activities.  Friendships and bonds were created while supporting each other in engaging activities and lessons.


    Our students have benefited from the use of the canopy and our daily outdoors physical education classes, exclaiming “We love class outside” and “I am happy my school supports fresh air, mask breaks with social distancing, and fun” with enthusiasm for participating in the outside lessons. The benefits of being able to go outside and use sports equipment have reflected in our students being able to focus and achieve more in their core classes. We have enjoyed receiving positive feedback from the students and their families that the health and wellness program at our school has had significant and exceptional benefits to our students enriching their productive learning time at school.