Advanced Learning Plans

  • Once a student is identified as a Gifted Learner, the educational team, along with parents, will meet to develop an Advanced Learning Plan. The ALP is a formal education plan reviewed annually. The plan contains educational learning objectives and outcomes to promote and define programming and strategies for academic excellence. Parents play an important role in the development of an ALP. Your input is highly valued and will be added to the ALP. The education team will ask you to provide the following information about your gifted child:
    • When did you first become aware of your child's strengths? What type of behaviors did you observe in your child that indicated a special gift or talent?
    • Describe your child's interests. Is there a subject for which your child is passionate? Is there a topic he/she knows a lot about?
    • Does your child have a specific goal he/she is working towards?
    • Does your child participate in any activities outside the school setting?
    • In what ways do you support your child's gifted abilities at home?
    • Do you have any concerns about your child's current academic, social or emotional growth?
    • What is your child's attitude towards school?
    If you have not received a copy of your child's ALP, please contact your building principal.