Director Districts

  • District 49 provides educational opportunities in more than 133 square miles of suburban and rural areas, from Colorado Springs to the Falcon area of El Paso County. In November 2015, the district's electorate approved an option to ensure local representation. The approved ballot measure changed the school district's plan of representation from five at-large seats to five director districts.


    During an election, only voters who reside within the boundaries of a director district are eligible to cast a vote for that district's candidate, so voters may choose who will best represent their area. The number of board directors will never exceed five, and each area of the district's community will have an opportunity to elect a director for a four-year term.


    Either search for a residence on the map, or input the street address and click on the lot.

Detailed Map of 2019 Director Districts

  • 2019 Director District Map

    On April 18, 2018 El Paso County Election Precincts for District 49 were slighly modified. The Precinct 420 boundary was modified and Precinct 424 was added, both of which are in Director District 2.

    Due to the addition of new votiing precincts in District 49 by the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder, new director district boundaries were approved by Board of Education Directors in November 2017.

    Prior to the vote, a community input process, including the presentation of four options, with different combinations of mathematical balancing and geographical boundaries were presented. The community was asked to provide feedback through a survey.

    Survey results were presented to the BOE directors prior to the vote.

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