Using the Patriot High School Logo

  • Patriot High School, formally known as Patriot Learning Center, changed its name before the 2016-2017 school year. With the approved name change, the school's logo received an upgrade in October 2016.

    A strong logo and brand helps empower students to take ownership of their education, increases school pride and improves school culture. A new, student-inspired logo led to creation of an official mascot for Patriot High School.

    Bisons are pragmatic, strong shouldered individuals who are resourceful and dedicated to the pursuit of success. The school's logo and mascot pay homage to the school's previous logo, retaining a patriotic color scheme and star adornments on the shoulder.
    PHS Full Logo
    PHS Full Color — This is the default logo for use in most situations. The logo can be used on both black and white backgrounds. Avoid mid tone backgrounds and never allow surrounding text to touch the logo. Never skew, stretch or otherwise distort the logo. The font used is Adobe Garamond Pro. Suggested uses: Websites, brochures, fliers, advertisements and letterheads. 

    PHS Flat
    PHS Flat Color — This is an alternate version of the default logo for use when gradients either limit readability or result in high printing costs. Suggested use: Screen printing shops that cannot guarantee gradients will print sharp.

    Blue: #2A3073; CMYK: 100, 97. 23, 10; RGB: 42, 48, 115
    Red: #AE1F2C; CMYK: 22, 100, 89, 14; RGB: 174, 31, 44
    Light Grey: #BBBDCO; CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 30; RGB: 187, 189, 192
    Dark Grey:  #808284; CMYK: 0, 0. 0, 60; RGB: 128, 130, 132

    PHS black logo  

    PHS Black — This is an alternate single-color version for limited use.  

     PHS grey logo
    PHS Grey — This is an alternate grey scale version for limited use.  

PHS Logo Images and Letterhead

The Patriot High School Style Guide