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Degrees and Certifications:

BME MM with a specialization in Music Therapy

Mr. Joshua Winans

Hello!  I’m the music teacher here at Evans Elementary and this will be my eighth year
here.  I am a Colorado native but have lived all over this amazing country.  I received my
Bachelors in Music Education from the University of Northern Colorado and then traveled
the country playing everywhere for big bands, cruise ships, and in the pit for musicals.  I
later received my masters in music with a specialization in music therapy from Colorado
State University.  I then found the love of my life and got married to my beautiful wife. 
Soon after, I fell into a teaching job where I found my other love, sharing the joy of
music. Lately, I find myself both extremely happy and exhausted as I am a father to a
wonderful toddler who always keeps me on my toes.  What I focus on in my classroom is
teaching the basic fundamentals of music but also to teach them in engaging and fun
ways. I look forward to another wonderful year here at Evans!

  • Resources


    Got to:

    This is a really fun website with many different musical tools to play around with.  Try at least 3 different programs before logging off.  I’ll tell you some of my favorite ones below as well as recommended grade levels.  You can do any of them that you want though, just have fun!


    Song Maker

    This may be too difficult for younger grades.  Every square you touch makes it play a note.  The higher up the square, the higher the note.  If you don’t highlight a note, there will be a bit of silence.  The circles and squares at the bottom make up the drums.  If you make something you like, you can save it and work on it later!



    This is a very simple program to create rhythms.  Remember, beats never change while rhythms do.  Have fun making fun and unique rhythms.  You can click on the arrow beside the 2 characters playing instruments to change the sounds! 



    This fun little program combines art with music.  By sketching different shapes and scribbles, you can create different sounds.  After you have made a cool drawing, hit the play button (triangle at the bottom of the screen) to hear your art!  You can change the color (the button with 2 colors) to have different sounds.


    Voice Spinner (More fun with a microphone!)

    Have you ever heard of a record player?  Well now you can see how they worked!  By moving the slider at the bottom of the screen, you can make the circle go faster, slower, or even backwards!  Try recording your own voice and changing the speed!  The faster the circle turns, the faster the recording plays!


    Piano Roll (More fun with a microphone!)

    This program shows you how much you can do with the above program called Song Maker.  It has some of the most famous classical pieces available to listen to and follow along.  For some fun, you can record your voice and the program will put your voice into the song.  Keep your recording short (like a single word) for the best effect.


    Also, check out this webpage for music theory, history, and information about different instruments and learn something new about music!