• Every year, school districts in Colorado report to their communities as required in the No Child Left Behind Act. Colorado law requires school districts to report accreditation data and details. District 49 students achieved their highest scores in the past five years in many content areas, with educators attributing success to building positive relationships and integrating instruction across subjects. Download the 2012-2013 Annual Report to the Public, published Feb. 24, 2014, and review the district’s performance.

    “In District 49, growth isn’t an abstract idea; it’s our everyday reality. We have more students, staff and stakeholders than ever before, and decades of growth to come. Unlike traditional districts in Colorado, District 49 is committed to innovation, offering zones and programs that shift authority to the school and classroom. With intentional respect for local autonomy, we are just as intentional about unifying around the “big rocks” that make up our strategic priorities. As we grow, our students, families and colleagues will benefit from living and serving in a district that aspires to unify around such rock-solid commitments.”
    – Peter Hilts, Chief Education Officer


Annual Report Documents