Early Childhood Preschool Application

     District 49 preschool programs are available to children age 3 to 5 residing within District 49 boundaries. Our preschool classrooms are inclusive and welcome students of all skill levels, including children with special education needs. Preschoolers are placed in their neighborhood school as space permits.
    • To apply for preschool in District 49, and help us determine best placement for your child, please complete the following online application.

    We process applications in the order they were received

    Your child will automatically be placed on our wait list once you submit the application.

    You will not receive a submission confirmation email, but will be notified via email if a spot becomes available.

    We place students throughout the school year and you may not be contacted until after school starts. Our wait lists are for the current school year only and you must re-apply each year your child is preschool age.

    Please complete ONE application per child. If multiple applications are submitted, the date of the latest application will be used to place your child on the wait list.

    The preschool programs at Falcon Elementary School of Technology and Evans International Elementary School are offered by the Community Partnership for Child Development programs. To enroll for preschool at FESoT or EIES, or to apply for Head Start, contact CPCD by calling 719.635.1536.

    Please note:

    • If your child is receiving services through The Resource Exchange, has an appointment with our Child Find team or if you have an acceptance letter or email, you do not need to re-apply here. If you have an acceptance letter or email from the preschool department, you should now proceed with online enrollment.
    • If you have moved into District 49 and your child already has an IEP from another school district, please call 719.494.8840 for preschool placement.

     If you have concerns about your child's development, contact our Child Find office at 719-494-8751.

    Please click here if you are unable to access the application below. 


    ATTENTION:  This application is for the current year, 2020-2021 ONLY. To apply for the 2021-2022 school year, you can submit an application beginning Monday, March 8, 2021. 

Early Childhood Preschool Application: 2020-21 School Year *Please note: Incomplete Applications Not Processed

Early Childhood Preschool Application: 2020-21 School Year *Please note: Incomplete Applications Not Processed

Let's get started:

Thank you for filling out the Early Childhood Preschool Application for the 2020-21 School Year: We'll begin by gathering your child's address and some information about your neighborhood school:
*Please note: Incomplete Applications Will Not be Processed
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Use your address in the search bar in the upper right corner of the map to find your neighborhood school. When your blue pin icon appears, click the icon and then the small right arrow ( > ) in the"search result" box. Your neighborhood school will appear in the list. Select your school from the list in question 5.