More Competitive Teacher Salaries

  • BOFC Logo The first priority of the BOFC House Building Our Future Community plan includes dedicated funding for our most important resource, our educators.  It's a follow up to the investment our community made in 2014.  Ballot measure 3A, a Mill Levy Override, was passed with a purpose of "attracting and retaining highly effective teachers..." 
    Those funds were used to reposition teachers who lost compensation steps on the District 49 pay scale during the economic downturn.  The plan was approved in 2015 to help retain our highly effective instructors.  After this reposition plan is complete, 2014 3A funds will shift focus to attracting new teachers. BOFC House Building Our Future Community will provide an additional $1 million dollars annually to attract and retain highly effective teachers.
    A teacher compensation task force is currently being assembled to explore ideas for the use of 3B funds.  The task force will be composed of two teacher representatives from each school, one veteran and one new teacher.  Sponsored by the chief education officer, chief business officer and human resources director, the teacher compensation task for is expected to meet each month during the spring semester.
    Work will focus on balancing the commitment expressed in the ballot language to attract new teachers and retain existing teachers.
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