Falcon Education Foundation Scholarship

  • The Falcon Education Foundation exists to provide support and programs to teachers and students. The FEF is a 100% volunteer organization, including District 49 employees and community members. The foundation and its board members are committed to the success of District 49 educational program offerings by providing funding support beyond the traditional district budget. Funds are raised through the annual awards and fundraising event, which takes place each April.
    As part of its support for District 49 students and educators, the Falcon Education Foundation provides a scholarship for graduating seniors who continue to an institution of higher education. Scholarship recipients are selected based on a variety of criteria including community involvement, citizenship, and motivation toward pursuing higher education. Scholarships can range from $500 to $5,000, based on quality and number of applications received. Awarded scholarship money must be used within one year.
    Seniors wishing to apply for a Falcon Education Foundation scholarship are required to submit the digital application by February 29, 2024. The application will ask you for the following information:
    1) Your name
    2) Your parents' name(s)
    3) Your school
    4) Your high school GPA.
    5) What college, university or trade school do you plan to attend after high school? What month and year do you plan to start classes?
    You'll also be asked to provide answers to the following questions, each with a 500 word count minimum requirement: 
             6) What is your career pathway, and how do you plan to use it to positively impact society?
    7) Describe a personal achievement from your high school years that makes you proud.
    8) In your high school career, how have you volunteered your time or contributed to your community and what did you learn? 
             9) The Falcon Education Foundation selects scholarship recipients based on a variety of criteria as listed above. Tell us why our board of directors should choose you.
    10) Submit the other required documents to their counselor. Required documents include a high school transcript and one character reference letter. 
    Students who are participating in the early college program are not eligible for the FEF scholarship.
    Falcon Education Foundation scholarships are open to graduating seniors from any District 49 high school who are planning to attend any type of accredited post-secondary schooling.