Falcon Education Foundation Mini Grant Program Overview

  • The Falcon Education Foundation mini grant program provides funding for unique and innovative learning opportunities outside of the district budget. Funds are raised through community efforts, including the annual awards and fundraising event, which typically takes place each April. The FEF is comprised of volunteers dedicated to the mission of District 49 and are highly invested in the success of its students and staff.
    Applications for the mini-grant program are made available to District 49 teachers each August. The winning projects are announced at a Fantastic 49 presentation before the board of education meeting later in the semester. Mini grant amounts vary each year, depending on available funds. If you're interested in contributing to the Falcon Education Foundation mini-grant program through a monetary donation, please contact any board member.
    It's a quick and easy way to get funding for unique educational opportunities in your classroom. Applications must be submitted by October 3, 2022.
    The FEF awards committee considers the following:
    • Be creative! Try something new. The selection committee likes to see projects that are unique.
    • Select a project that is "above-and-beyond" what is normally provided for the school/classroom.
    • Answer all questions thoroughly. Your application will score higher if it is complete and well-explained.
    • Be specific. Provide as many details as possible to explain what the request is for and how it will help students or enhance your program/class.
    • If you're requesting tech items (laptops, cameras, tablets, etc.), you must verify from the district that the device can be repaired or maintained through the district.
    • Please explain all acronyms. Some members of the awards committee are not educators.
    View a past winning application here for guidance on writing your application.

    Apply now for a Falcon Education Foundation award. 

  • Over $28,000 in mini grants were awarded to staff for the 2019-2020 school year.
     Name School  Application Title Amount Awarded
    Stephanie Hazelton ALLIES Creativity, Curiosity & Critical Thinking = Innovative Learning $896
    Stephanie Hazelton ALLIES Learn & Look Like a Scientist $435
    Sondra Rymer ALLIES Classroom Set of 20 Ukuleles $1,000
    Sondra Rymer ALLIES Creating Tempura and Watercolor Painting with Brushes $478
    Robert Teti Banning Lewis Ranch Academy Human Body: Banning Lewis Ranch Academy Operating Room $1,000
    Amanda Edler Banning Lewis Ranch Academy Adaptive Bow Equipment and New Mini-Bows for P.E. $1,000
    Shauna Turner Bennett Ranch Elementary School Now Let Me Tell You a Story $459
    Lanee Vansant    Central Office From D49 Pre-K to the Moon? $996
    Jane Wilson Falcon Homeschool Program Building Bridges with 3D Technology $989
    Sandra Smith & Jane Wilson Falcon Homeschool Program Roller Coaster Motion $941
    Jane Wilson Falcon Homeschool Program MERGE Cubes - Increasing Student Learning Using Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality $742
    Lindsey Young Falcon Middle School Challenger Space Mission: Rendezvous with a Comet $523
    Jess Crawford Falcon Middle School Mic Me Up! $209
    Laura De La Garza Springs Studio for Academic Excellence Sew Cool $903
    Brittany Bertolini & Lori Hall Springs Studio for Academic Excellence Cold Hands, Warm Hearts $500
    William Yerger Horizon Middle School Simulaids $1,690
    Staci Gehling Horizon Middle School Simple Machine Extravaganza $639
    Courtney Michelle Hutchinson Horizon Middle School Chain Reaction Coaster Boards $850
    Melanie Hawthorne Horizon Middle School Reed All About It $398
    Melanie Hawthorne Horizon Middle School Boomin' Baritones $825
    Leslie Garza Horizon Middle School b.REAL (Relationships, Emotions, Anxiety, Life) $600
    Melanie Hawthorne Horizon Middle School Percussion Palooza! $579
    Jen Lennon Inspiration View Elementary School "We are such stuff as dreams are made on." - Shakespeare's Tempest Teaches a Modern Lesson at IVES $300
    Angela Kelley Inspiration View Elementary School Sensational Sensory for IVES Innovators $1,000
    Ashlee Pape Inspiration View Elementary School Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Why, Oh Why, Can't I Play Ukuleles at IVES? $1,293
    Amy Willis Odyssey Elementary School What's on Your Sensory Diet? $400
    Amanda Bower Odyssey Elementary School Puzzled! $205
    Adriane Jasper PEAK Education Center ... And Sew It Begins! $492
    Stephanie Peterson Remington Elementary School First Graders are a HOOT! $400
    Victoria Villescas Ridgeview Elementary School 3D Exploration AR-ound the World! $599
    Cat Giadone Ridgeview Elementary School Block and Gelli Printmaking Phenomenon at Ridgeview $1,413
    Laurie Hildebrand Stetson Elementary School ABC Ya at Stetson $419
    Jennifer Newberg Skyview Middle School Breaking Out of the Norm $900
    Stephanie Perry Skyview Middle School Faux Frogs for Dissection $99
    Lura Moore Skyview Middle School Skyview Operation Montserrat e-Mission $1,000
    Jennifer Newberg Skyview Middle School It's All 3-D to Me $990
    Jade Sharrer Skyview Middle School Life Skills Cafe $750
    Tabitha Najar Skyview Middle School SPARK a Love for STEM - a Sphero SPRK+ Project $1,029
    Lura Moore Skyview Middle School Moving Minds $274
    Mary Hopper Woodmen Hills Elementary School Books to Support "Picture Perfect" STEM Lessons $552