Falcon Education Foundation Mini Grant Program Overview

  • The Falcon Education Foundation mini grant program provides funding for unique and innovative learning opportunities outside of the district budget. Funds are raised through community efforts, including the annual awards and fundraising event, which typically takes place each April. The FEF is comprised of volunteers dedicated to the mission of District 49 and are highly invested in the success of its students and staff.
    Applications for the mini-grant program are made available to District 49 teachers each August. The winning projects are announced at a Fantastic 49 presentation before the board of education meeting later in the semester. Mini grant amounts vary each year, depending on available funds. If you're interested in contributing to the Falcon Education Foundation mini-grant program through a monetary donation, please contact any board member.
    It's a quick and easy way to get funding for unique educational opportunities in your classroom. Applications must be submitted by October 9, 2023.
    The FEF awards committee considers the following:
    • Be creative! Try something new. The selection committee likes to see projects that are UNIQUE.
    • Select a project that is "ABOVE-AND-BEYOND" what is normally provided for the school/classroom.
    • Answer all questions thoroughly. Your application will score higher if it is complete and well-explained.
    • BE SPECIFIC. Provide as many details as possible to explain what the request is for and how it will help students or enhance your program/class.
    • If you're requesting tech items (laptops, cameras, tablets, etc.), you must verify from the district that the device can be repaired or maintained through the district.
    • Please explain all acronyms. Some members of the awards committee are not educators.
    View a past winning application here for guidance on writing your application.

    Apply now for a Falcon Education Foundation award.