Academic Standards

  • Students go to school to learn. What they learn prepares them for success in careers, college and life. To ensure all students are successful, the Colorado Academic Standards provide clear expectations, a kind of roadmap of what students should know and be able to do every step of the way. The academic standards define the concepts and skills that every student should know, at each grade level, in 10 different content areas.

    Content Areas

    • Reading, Writing and Communicating
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Music
    • Physical Education and Health
    • World Languages
    • Dance 
    • Drama
    • Visual Arts

    The standards give teachers and parents a clear understanding of the concepts and skills students need to master by the end of each school year. Through school selected resources, teacher created lesson plans, as well as purchased and created curriculum, District 49 teachers bring the standards to life. 

    District 49 supports students on their individualized pathways towards success in lifelong learning. In District 49, the standards guide us to build firm foundations for every student, to engage every student so that all students are prepared for success, not only through their educational explorations, but also in careers, college, and life. Launching Every Student to Success is our commitment to our community.