Anime Club

  • President: Alison Lopez
    Vice President:  
    Ohayo Otaku's! Join Anime Club for our weekly meetings on Fridays between 2:45 and 4 PM - We watch new anime series that you have never seen before.  You can debate your strong opinions about certain anime every month to decide which is better. Every quarter have a club exclusive anime party to celebrate ANIME! There are two rules you must follow when joining this club: 1. Listen to your senpai's and 2. Have fun! Anime club was meant for people like you to get to know each other and indulge yourselves in the one thing we all share and love which is ANIME! Don't miss out and come and join us in room H207 each weekend have an awesome time! Later Mina! 
  • George Cullins
    Anime Club Leader
    Office: 719.494.8800 x2230