IT Support Request

  • Our IT partners at Sentinel continue to manage IT requests for service and now have a new ticketing process. 

    Accessing the Ticketing Portal:

    1. Proceed to; enter your username, which is your D49 email address, and password.

    If this is your first visist to the portal you will need to create a password.
    If you have forgotten your password, or not created one yet, choose “Forgot Password” and one will be sent to you.

    2. This will log you into the ticketing portal. Once logged in, you will see three menu buttons in the center of the screen. Choose ‘Get Help’.

    Complete instructions are in this PDF: D49 Sentinel IT Request PDF


     For immediate assistance or to report an outage, call the Sentinel help desk at 1.844.297.4815 or 719.495.1137

    Submit an IT request



Education Technology Request

  • Growing students and increasing academic achievement is a priority in District 49. 

    The Education Technology Request is for any new technology, software, or application that you want to use with students. This includes technology used for curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The technology must meet certain Federal, State, and District 49 standards for learning and student data privacy. For questions or concerns about this form, please contact Melissa Riggs (

    This process is in place to keep District 49 students and their data safe and avoid legal and financial penalties. The school's principal must be involved in determining if a tool should be used for instruction and needs to be requested.  With multiple tools already approved for use in District 49, educators should focus on tools their school has purchased and online platforms that have the "District Favorite" designation. Each new tool added has the potential to take away from platforms that are part of curriculum.

    The use of products that have not been approved puts the school and district out of compliance with state and federal regulations.  Please work with your school leadership and teaching staff to ensure products that have not been approved are not in use by students.


Video Tuturial

Schoology Support Request

  • Schoology request link is for any needed support regarding the Schoology platform. For questions or concerns about this form, please contact Daniel De Jesus from the Ed Tech Team.

Maintenance Request

    If you need help with carpentry, plumbing, electrical, custodial, alarm systems or grounds work, submit a "Maint Request."