Digital Hub

  • Technology in District 49
    District 49 is constantly innovating, which includes publishing a network of digital tools to support classroom learning and community communications. As technologies develop and better integrate, several teams in the district search for ways to improve functionality and create greater efficiencies, in both digital communications with communities and instruction in classrooms, knowing digital transitions are often characterized as more affordable, reliable and practical than traditional methods.
    Information-communications technology, or ICT, is a term used as an extended synonym for information technology, or IT. It offers a more specific term that stresses the role of unified communications, as well as systems integration. For example, in District 49 employees often sign into active directory to gain access to various employee resources, such as desktop workstations or website portals. Whenever accessibility and security concerns are successfully mitigated, the district's goal is to streamline user management with automated account access protocols.
    ICT Flow Chart

    If you need ICT support, click on the area of concern in this interactive flow chart (PDF). You can also contact one of the following teams.
  • Brian Green
    Coordinator of Professional Learning
    Office: 719.495.1149, ext 1021
    Daniel De Jesus
    Education Technology Specialist
    Office: 719.495.1136
    Blake Schwank
    Colorado Computer Support CEO
    Office: 719.439.0599