Career & Academic Plan Overview

  • ICAP, or individual career and academic plan, is a flexible, customized process for students and their counselors to plan out courses, internships and apprenticeships, capstone projects, and career and college preparation via College in Colorado and personalized advising. Students are guided through grade level milestones which include interest and career surveys, exploration of careers and programs/degrees, college comparisons, test preparation, resume building, financial aid & scholarship search, and more. Our ICAP is a critical foundation for individual course planning aligned with students' postsecondary goals. A completed ICAP is a prerequisite for Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT (free career training and college in high school).
    All District 49 students are provided an account at We encourage you to access your student’s ICAP milestones and participate in his or her progress each year. The District 49 account name is: “fsd” immediately followed by a student number (example: fsd20145) and the password is a student number (example: 20145). Once logged in, minimum yearly District 49 ICAP requirements by grade level are listed under the "Your Portfolio" tab.

    What Keeps Our ICAP Process Meaningful?

    In District 49, we intentionally chose a familiar metaphor—the journey—to help make learning progress meaningful to our students. Just as the epic heroes of mythology embarked on quests and adventures, our students are launching toward a lifetime of challenge and opportunity. For students in District 49, the ICAP combines a road map, compass, travel blog, and financial planner.

    As we explain the transition to Colorado’s new graduation guidelines, we have adopted an oversimplified contrast. In the old system, students graduated after spending a prescribed number of years to collect a prescribed number of credits in a prescribe number of subjects. All students walked essentially the same road at the same pace and graduated at the same time.

    In the new system, which our district calls 49Pathways, students will graduate after designing their pathway, completing a series of classes, presenting capstone projects, earning industrial certifications, and achieving assessment results that demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful. Instead of trading years and credits for a diploma, students in District 49 will earn a diploma as recognition for completing the unique pathway specified in their individual career and academic plan. Every student will navigate their own path at their own pace toward the destination that matters most to them.

    To take advantage of special opportunities like career and technical education, concurrent enrollment, internships or personalized capstone projects, students must work with their parents, teachers, and a trained advisor to select the learning experiences that help them demonstrate mastery. Along the way, students will achieve milestones and pass through “gateways” that serve as checkpoints to ensure learners are ready for the next leg of their academic journey.

    By incorporating College in Colorado, 49Pathways advisories give students a structure to help them know their destination, mark their current position on the trail, celebrate the progress they are making, and keep moving down the trail. Students who want to take advantage of free tuition and early college enrollment will need to demonstrate academic and personal readiness. That demonstration will be a gateway on their individual plan. Students who choose a pathway through career and technical education will complete job shadowing and career inventories to match their interests to academic opportunities. For students who thrive in diverse academic settings, 49Pathways offers a portfolio of traditional, honors, blended, online, and individualized classes that begin in 6th grade and continue for six-nine years depending on each student’s unique needs.

    In many ways, the ICAP will be an upgraded version of students’ old course planner. The difference is that this plan will include far more than traditional courses. With assessments, college courses, internships, capstone projects, financial planning, and vocational progress all unified in a single plan, a student’s ICAP is both meaningful and a powerful guide on the path to independence and success.

NCAA Eligibility Information

  • All student athletes who are contemplating participating in intercollegiate athletics or who are interested in being recruited for possible athletic scholarships at Division I or II schools should register for the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse by the end of their junior year. Once registered, be sure to contact your guidance counselor for further instructions about how to arrange to have your official school transcripts sent to the Eligibility Clearinghouse. Additionally, it is important for students to carefully plan their high school course work in order to meet specific requirements of the Eligibility Clearinghouse. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all courses that meet the Eligibility Clearinghouse requirements is required for initial eligibility.

NAIA Information

  • The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics is an association that boasts a proud tradition of intercollegiate athletics, academic excellence and character values. As you explore opportunities to play NAIA you will discover a community of nearly 300 member colleges and universities, 60,000 student-athletes and an environment that focuses on athletic participation as one part of the total education process. Our members award more than $450 million in financial aid each year, compete for 23 national championships in 13 sports and offer a wide selection of academic and athletic programs.

    Today, the NAIA is an association that, above all other things, cares about and is focused on student-athlete success – helping you to attain your education and athletic goals. Its members use athletics as a vehicle to transform lives to build better futures. The NAIA is ready to assist you in taking that important first step in your college sports career. We invite you to register with the NAIA Eligibility Center at Once there, you’ll learn more about the opportunities that await you.
Mary Perez
Concurrent Enrollment Director
Phone: 719.495.5533

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