Using the Falcon Homeschool Program Logo

  • Establishing a brand is a fundamental step in developing relationships with staff, parents and students. The Falcon Homeschool Program brand clearly defines the message of the school's educational objectives and delivers it to your audience in a way they can relate to and easily understand. Establishing your brand can create loyalty, build trust and credibility, foster pride and promote a sense of belonging within your school community. 
    FHP Logo  
    The FHP logo is the backbone of your brand. Using it correctly on all FHP publications projects professionalism and establishes an identity your audience can associate with. Incorrect use of the FHP logo can result in your audience losing trust in and connection to your brand.
    Best Logo Practices
    • Avoid mid tone background and never allow surrounding text to touch the logo
    • Never skew, stretch or otherwise distort the logo
    • Suggested uses: websites, brochures, fliers, advertisements and letterheads 
    Brand Colors
    Homeschool Brand Colors
    Brown: #744213   CMYK: 37, 71, 100, 39   RGB: 116, 66, 19
    Teal: #48bebd   CMYK: 65, 1, 30, 0   RGB: 72, 190, 189
    Yellow: #ecba1c   CMYK: 8, 26, 100, 0   RGB: 236, 186, 28
    Green: #609f66   CMYK: 67, 18, 76, 2   RGB: 96, 159, 102
    White: #ffffff   CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0   RGB: 255, 255, 255 

Falcon Homeschool Program Logo Files

FHP Communications Kit

FHP Letterhead Templates

FHP Flyer Templates

  • Spell Out School Names, Use Consistent Acronyms 
    Always spell out Falcon Homeschool Program on the first reference. For example, “The Falcon Homeschool Program educates hundreds of children.” On subsequent references the acronym may be used. “Last week FHP, hosted a guest speaker.”

    Our Style in The Written Word

    When adopting style guides, organizations commit to ensuring consistency and discipline in writing, while limiting confusion. They offer a way to communicate with a set of standards, which are made available across an organization. Falcon Homeschool Program mostly follows the Associated Press Stylebook, along with some localized references. 

    Our Brand Fonts

    The District 49 brand consists of two font families, Adobe Garamond Pro and Arial. The Falcon Homeschool Program brand is welcome to use these font families in any materials created, including all print, digital and video media. The district fonts may be used together or individually depending on the needs of the individual document, stylistic choice of the author and where the document will ultimately be viewed. In most cases, Adobe Garamond Pro is used for titles and section headers. The District 49 logo uses Adobe Garamond Pro font. Garamond may be used as an alternative when the Adobe Garamond Pro font is not available. Arial is used in the main body of text. Arial is the only font used on and is the preferred font for digital applications. In general, Arial is better used in digital material and Adobe Garamond Pro is better suited for print applications, but both fonts may be used within a document to create style or enhance presentation.