Community Meeting, Topic 3: The Characteristics of FHS System

  • The third topic focused on what characteristics are needed in the education system at Falcon High School to serve students well. The small groups again brought many suggestions forward for pinning. Consensus was again clear in regards to grading, but several major themes grew from the group work:
    • Homework & Assessment
    • Consistency
    • Feedback
    • Communication
  • Discussion

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    Isn't it helpful to know who you're talking with? To help facilitate generative and respectful dialogue, we're asking everyone to register and sign in (remember, ParentPortal accounts are not the same as accounts, but we're working on tying those two systems together).

    To help school and district leaders respond to your input, please review the results of the first meeting regarding the characteristic of the educational system at Falcon High School and then respond to the following questions:

    1) Are there themes you strongly disagree with or strongly support? Why?

    2) After reviewing the themes and individual cards is there anything that you feel must be added?

    Please be specific in your comments as we will use them to shape the next community meeting on March 5.

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