• We are POWER Zone

    POWER Zone's educators and support staff are dedicated to facilitating a mission focused on:

    ♦ Purposeful risk 
    Ownership of learning 
    Whole child-student concept
    Engaging inquiry and
    Respectful relationships


    POWER Zone Focus

    Mission Statement:

    POWER Zone takes purposeful risks and a deep ownership over learning to support a whole child concept through presenting engaging opportunities to our students and families while maintaining a core focus on respectful relationships.


    Prepare, Engage, EmPOWER...The POWER Zone Difference.

    Values Statement:

    POWER Zone believes in creating a loyalty effect with our stakeholders through serving our community by ensuring we climb with care and confidence within a family first environment while treating each stakeholder like the most important person in the world.


    POWER Zone Indicators

    What are Indicators?

    Our zone is committed to creating school priorities that are very real and meaningful to the stakeholders we serve. POWER Zone students, staff, and parents informed the POWER Zone of what measures mattered most to them. The measures initially formed 6 key performance indicators which then evolved into three zone focuses.

    In POWER Zone, each family's input is helping to drive zone-level educational decisions that will directly supports your child’s ability to successfully work, learn, and lead in the POWER Zone and be career or college ready in the future.


    Academic Performance: The demonstration of Knowledge and skills integrated across multiple content areas and driven through personalized learning pathways.

    Personalized Learning: Personalized learning is a student centered learning model where students gain more ownership over their learning and more voice with their teacher about how they learn best. This process allows students to have more choice over how they demonstrate their learning. Through developing strong problem solving and critical thinking skills students can create a clear path to competency based learning and skill development.

    ♦ School Safety & Climate:
    When we mention school climate, we're referring to a school's quality and character, along with the values expressed during social interactions. With a Capturing Kids Hearts philosophy reinforced annually, and permeating across the zone, every educator is equipped with specific strategies to help increase our effectiveness with the young people we serve. Our parents must know their children are safe. Our students must feel safe to learn. The importance of ensuring a safe and secure learning environment is universally seen as one the most important indicators to our community.

    Our Marzano High Reliability School certification process allows POWER Zone to continually measure and improve the quality of the cultures, learning structures, and collaborative environments within each school, all with the aim of increased student learning.


POWER Zone Updates

  • Please see the following document for additional information on the Power Zone's 2019-2020 SB191 Accountability. 


    Power Zone SB191 Accountability 19-20

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