Concurrent Enrollment (free college)

    Looking for free college or job training in high school? Trying to avoid student loan debt? Concurrent Enrollment is offered at all D49 high schools and provides on- and off-campus college courses for 2-year and 4-year degrees and hands-on career training through the Career Start Program. Earn free college credits, weighted HS grades, and 2 semesters of HS credit for each 1-semester college course. Contact your counselor/advisor today! 
    New! First-Fail-Forgiveness (retake first semester fail with no tuition repayment) 

    Fall 2022 CE Online Applications are due Friday, Feb 4, 2022

    If you are new to Concurrent Enrollment here's how to get started …

    1.  Contact your Advisor and complete your pathway plan. Review grades with your counselor to ensure that you have no grades lower than a "C" for the previous semester and plan to keep all grades at a "C" or above for the current semester in order to be eligible for Concurrent Enrollment

    2.  Apply Online to enroll at Pikes Peak Community College Obtain Student ID (S#) and login

    3.  Apply for College Opportunity Fund

    4.  Prep for/take NextGen ACCUPLACER Exam
    ACCUPLACER Practice Tests are HERE and HERE
    Students may also take an EdReady exam (Qualifying tests scores below)

    5.  Submit CE Online Application by Friday, Feb 4
    Choose the appropriate application based on the school you attend:

    Falcon High School

    Vista Ridge High School

    Sand Creek High School

    D49 Homeschool/AeroLab

    Pikes Peak Early College

    Patriot High School

    Springs Studio for Academic Excellence

    6.  Watch for an email asking you to sign your application.
    Once you have signed the application it will go via email to your parents and then your counselor for signature.

    College Readiness Scores:

     Subject NextGen Accuplacer  PSAT/SAT ACT EdReady
    English Writing 246+ 470 18 90
    Reading -- 470 17  
    MAT107/112 Career/Fin Math
    MAT120/135 Lib Arts, Stats
    MAT121 College Algebra
    MAT166 Pre-Calculus
    AR 265+ 
    QAS 240+
    AAF 245-279
    AAF 280+








    AR-Arithmetic; QAS-Quant Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics; AAF-Adv Algebra & Functions

College Courses in D49 High Schools

    AGB102 Fdns of Agribusiness X      
    ANT101 Intro to Anthropology X   X  
    BIO111 College Biology X      
    COM115 Public Speaking   X X X
    EMS115,121,122,123,124 EMT        
    ENG121/122 English Comp I, II X X X X
    ENG131 Technical Writing     X  
    ENV101 Environmental Science       X
    HIS236 US History 1945 to Present X X X X
    HUM115 World Mythology   X    
    LIT115 Intro to Literature X   X X
    MAT107 Career Math     X  
    MAT121 College Algebra (LRL)   X X X
    MAT166 Pre-Calculus       X
    MOT125,133,135 Basic Medical Sciences I, II, III X      
    NUA101,170,171 CNA X      
    PHI112 Ethics X X X X
    PSY101,102 Intro to Psychology I, II X X X X
    SPA111,112 Spanish I, II     X  
Shonda Green
Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator
Phone: 719.494.8923


  • It was a perfect fit because it helped her transition from high school into college without being overwhelmed.

    Great fit for my son. He is more interested in automotive than traditional university.

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