Recognizing Efforts, Keeping Our Community Informed

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    District 49's communications team is always on the look out for ways to recognize student and staff achievements, as well as parent and community involvement and support.
    What stories are most important? Through market studies in school districts of various geographical sizes, student numbers and socioeconomic conditions, we know public education's patrons need to hear about how school administrators and teachers are delivering quality educational experiences that prepare students for their next phase in life. They want to know how we spend tax dollars, maintain and provide facilities. Also important are stories about school-level administrators, student safety, class sizes, instructional technology and the district promises that are made and fulfilled. When we're awarded a grant, we find it important to show how we're using the grant, more than tell everyone that we earned it.

    Our Quarterly Storytelling Focus

    We try to cover a range of topics, but each quarter we also try to focus on a specific theme.
    1. How Learning Happens In The Classroom
    2. How Students Take Lessons Beyond The Classroom
    3. How Our Community Volunteers in Public Education
    4. How Our Families Inspire Learning at Home

    Show, Don't Tell 

    In District 49, we apply a show-don't-tell communications strategy. Our policy is to objectively give our community members enough quality and factual information, using an authentic voice, so that they may make their own conclusions. Rather than tell our community that we have great teachers and awesome opportunities, we want to show our community why we might think that. We strive to ensure our community is well informed, which helps them become more involved and supportive.

Send a Communications Plan

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    If something amazing is happening without notice, anyone can send us content about it. You'll find information about taking photos and writing cutlines on our Photo Basics page. Remember that photos must be high enough quality for district, zone and school website news feeds. We also need to know exactly what our community should know about your content--explain to us what's important, or newsworthy, about the event and why you think it's important to share.