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Updates Causing Significant Changes to Operations


    Posted by Donna Garza on 10/25/2019

    Policy EEAG Transportation in Private Vehicles was repealed during the October 23, 2019 board meeting. The board no longer approves district employees to use their personal vehicles to transport students.

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  • Policy Brief from November 8, 2018 BOE Meeting

    Posted by Donna Garza on 11/13/2018

    KDBA Notice to Parents of Alleged Criminal Conduct by School Employee


    Last May, the Colorado legislature passed and the governor signed into law HB 18-1269, which requires school districts to notify students’ parents when an employee or former employee is charged with certain criminal offenses. For purposes of HB 18-1269, “former employee” means the person was employed by the district/BOCES within the twelve months preceding the criminal charges.


    Under the new law, whenever the district receives a report that a school employee has been arrested for an offense described in policy KDBA, the district has a duty to monitor the criminal proceedings to determine whether the employee is charged with an offense described in this policy and whether a preliminary hearing has been held if the charge is eligible for a preliminary hearing.  School districts are required to adopt a policy to comply with the law.

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  • Policy Brief from February 8, 2018 Regular BOE Meeting

    Posted by Donna Richer on 2/13/2018

    Policy AD

    Regulation AD-R

    The Cultural Compass is an iconic representation of the cultural values of the district. Although the values have not changed, it was necessary to clarify the values to make them more understandable for students, regardless of age, and thus more easily communicated by teachers, administrators, and staff. The original cultural compass will always retain the legacy guidance from the board of education retreat that inspired its inception and furthermore that spirit is fully incorporated in Compass 2.0. Hence policy AD and regulation AD-R are the next evolution of understanding with reference to how the District 49 community treats each other and our work. The labels for the eight compass points are now linguistically parallel and more easily used in conversation when discussing the compass’s meaning and intent. Labels from compass 1.0 that were very similar have been merged or replaced by a synonym to clarify the district's values. For example on the outer ring; “Innovative" and “Creative" were merged to become “Innovation”, and “Strategic" became “Purpose", which made room to add a formerly implicit value, “Teamwork". “Learning" remained unchanged, but was moved to the top of the compass because it is clearly the district’s north star. Likewise on the inner ring; “Respectful” became “Respect”, “Caring" became “Care”, “Accountable” became “Responsibility, and “Transparent” became “Trust”.

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  • Policy Brief from December 14, 2017 BOE Meeting

    Posted by Donna Richer on 12/15/2017


    Policy GBD, Vacation Leave and Holidays, was updated to reflect current practice.



    Policy GBGG, Staff Sick and Personal Leave provides certain employees additional leave time based on longevity with the district.  Revisions to this policy were initially approved in September 2017.  After further discussion, it was determined that an additional tier was needed for extended year employees who are scheduled to work 201 to 220 days.  This tier was added in to the December 2017 revision.  In addition, information was added to clarify payout of sick and personal time at the time of employment separation.



    Policy GD, Educational Support Personnel and Calendars, received revision under the classifications and calendars sections to clarify and condense for better understanding and to align with current practice.  In addition, content was added under the calendars section from repealed policy GDK, Educational Support Staff Schedules and Calendars.



    Policy GDBA, Educational Support Personnel Salary Schedules has been updated to reflect current practice.  Its companion regulation received significant updates to align with current practice for how an employee may have salary movement.  In addition, the content under the overtime section was clarified for better understanding.



    Policy GDK, Educational Support Staff Schedules and Calendars was repealed.  Its content was condensed and incorporated in GD, Educational Support Staff.



    Policy GBJD, Staff Positions and Job Descriptions, is a newly adopted policy.  It combines two existing policies (GCA, Professional Staff Positions and GDA, Educational Support Staff Positions) into one policy that clarifies board and administration responsibility in the establishment and modification of positions, as defined in board approved job descriptions.  


    The key change in the new GBJD is clarification of how a position, once established, can be modified.  GBJD outlines the types of job description changes that require board approval and the changes that can be made through an administrative revision process.  It is anticipated that this will improve efficiency in the job description update process. 


    Concurrent with the adoption of GBJD, policies GCA and GDA have been repealed.  

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  • Policy Brief from October 12, 2017 Regular Board Meeting

    Posted by Donna Richer on 10/13/2017

    Regulation AC-R

    Updated to reflect current practice stating that “all parties” get a copy of the investigation report summary.  Any party named in the complaint may appeal to the Chief Officers and subsequently the BOE, if necessary.

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  • Policy Briefs from July 13, 2017 Board of Education Meeting

    Posted by Donna Richer on 7/19/2017

    JIH, JIH-R Student Interviews and Searches


    • Revisions made to further clarify the administrators roles and responsibilities for student interviews and searches.
    • Aligns with Horizon Middle School’s waiver, thus abrogating the need for a separate waiver from the BOE.
    • Building administrators should review the policy and ensure that their building has local procedures in place to document due process and facilitate parental contact in a reasonable timeframe to student interviews and searches.


    JLF, JLF-R, JLF-E Report of Child Abuse/Child Protection


    • Updates to provide clarity on requirements for retaining a child at school.
    • JLF-E was rescinded.
    • A new Child Abuse Reporting form is available on Schoology to principals and counselors.


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  • Policy Briefs from May 11, 2017 Board of Education Meeting

    Posted by Donna Richer on 5/18/2017

    ADF School Wellness Policy: Updated to maintain compliance with federal changes.  

    • Goal #1 now includes nutrition education.
    • Goal #2 now includes mental health.  
    • The policy will be updated at a minimum of every three years.  
    • The district will monitor implementation through the School Health Improvement Plans and schools will submit these annually. 

    ADF-R School Wellness Policy Guidelines: Updated to maintain compliance with federal changes. 

    • Schools will still be allowed to have three exempt fundraisers for the 2017-2018 school year. 
    • Marketing of food and beverage on district property during the school day (midnight to 30 minutes after the last bell) must meet competitive food standards
    • District 49 will follow best practices. Please review and educate staff and parents on best practices around classroom parties, celebrations and rewards. 

    EFEA Nutritious Food Choices:  Amended to support changes in the Wellness policy.

    GCBA Instructional Staff Contracts/Compensation/Salary Schedules

    The market for talent is going increasingly competitive, especially in certain workforce segments such as math, special education and science teaching.  Per current board policy, District 49 recognizes up to ten years of relevant work experience when determining pay for new hires.  To improve our competitive position in the market for talent, the administration proposed increasing from 10 to 15 the number of years the district will recognize for setting pay.  This change aligns us more closely with some other districts in the region.

    The board of education granted emergency approval of the revised policy, and that the district will applying the new experience limit immediately. 

    KE Stakeholder Concerns and Complaints:  Updated to improve process.

    KEA Stakeholder Grievance Process, KEA-R Stakeholder Grievance Process:  Updated to improve process.

    KF Community Use of District Real Property (for Non-District Use). KF-E-1 Community Use of District Real Property (for Non-District Use), KF-E-2 Community Use of District Real Property (for Non-District Use), KF-E-3 Community Use of District Real Property (for Non-District Use), KF-R Community Use of District Real Property (for Non-District Use)

    Balancing the needs of students and the wants of the community, a limited number of individual community member use permits is authorized for High School Tracks and that use is subject to all other terms and provisions.


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  • Policy Briefs from April 13, 2017 Board of Education Meeting

    Posted by Donna Richer on 4/20/2017


    GCA Professional Staff Positions

    This policy speaks to the Board’s responsibility to establish instructional, administrative, and supervisory positions.  Revisions to this policy provide updates to reflect current practice and district language.


    GCG Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment

    Concurrent with the revision of this policy, the Board repealed the associated regulation, GCG-R/GCGA-R.  Relevant content from GCG-R/GCGA-R has been moved into the policy.


    GCG-R/GCGA-R Part-Time and Substitute Instructional Staff Employment

    The Board repealed this regulation based on the recommendation of the administration. The regulation was not necessary to effectively carry out the policy.  The procedures associates with substitute and part-time staff are articulated in hiring, orientation and other documents.


    GC Educational Support Staff

    This policy was repealed and its contents were incorporated into policy GDA.


    GDA Educational Support Staff Positions

    Language in this policy was updated to reflect current practice and to be consistent with language used in other district documents.  Content from repealed policy GD was also incorporated with this revision.


    Revised Graduation Requirements policies were adopted by the Board in April. The policies include significant changes to the graduation requirements for students beginning with the class of 2021. Each high school will also be asked to share their processes for implementing the new policies with the BOE.

    Contact: Amber Whetstine,

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  • Policy Briefs from March 9, 2017 BOE Meeting

    Posted by Donna Richer on 3/10/2017

    IKFA Early Graduation

    Policy repealed as it is no longer relevant with the new graduation guidelines.


    JLCD Administering Medications to Students

    JLCD-E Administering Medications to Students

    Policy updated to reflect use of the current form.


    JLJ-E Physical Activity

    K-5 principals will be sent a copy of JLJ for reference and JLJ-E to be signed at the beginning of each school year to acknowledge compliance with the Physical Activity Policy.

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  • Policy Briefs from February 9, 2017 Regular BOE Meeting

    Posted by Donna Richer on 2/10/2017

    JLJ Physical Activity

    Per the request of the BOE, policy JLJ has been revised.  K-5 principals will be provided with an annual agreement form stating their school in in compliance.  Additional information such as recess and PE schedules will be required to be submitted if requested by the BOE.


    IHCDA-R1 Concurrent Enrollment

    New policy added to clarify and add a few topics discussed in high school buildings over the last year and include:

    1. Application deadlines
    2. Personal readiness
    3. All CE students take a college entrance exam as part of the application process (includes AVP and remediation students)
    4. General ed, elective, and CTE courses included in CE
    5. Accommodative services
    6. Eligibility – CHSAA
    7. Online fees and related costs paid by parents
    8. Attendance forms
    9. High school credit granted for college courses


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