Facilities Department

  • Our team of dedicated staff members strives for the most efficient use of available resources. Our philosophy emphasizes providing services to schools and instructional programs, long-term planning, communication of timely as well as accurate information with a spirit of cooperation and collaboration in support of District 49’s plan.
    Facilities The district’s property, including grounds, buildings and other resources, represents a major investment of public money.
    Facilities are more than buildings and outdoor areas. They are a collection of unique spaces conducive to learning for every student. They must inspire learning by providing a safe, clean, attractive, well-lit and comfortable environment. They must be efficiently utilized, economically managed, and properly maintained in accordance with governing federal, state and local laws in addition to applicable district policies and regulations.

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     Maintaining the district's facilities is a key component of fiscal responsibility.
    Routine and preventive maintenance to maintain high quality facilities across the district keeps the long term operating costs low. We do also provide the occasional emergency repair services in carpentry, roofing, painting, locksmith, electrical and special work projects.
    Additional construction, alterations or modifications can also be requested by building principals or innovation leaders through the use of a requested work agreement. The maintenance team will provide a cost estimate for the scope of the work. If the requestor agrees to the cost, the work will be scheduled and funds will be transferred to the operations office to accommodate the additional non budgeted change to our physical plant. 
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