Budget Department

  • Our robust budgeting process forecasts the future by providing a complete, well-coordinated set of assumptions that reflect the strategies for the educational program.  While the payroll and accounting departments process  the actual transactions, the budget department analyzes every dollar spent to make sure that it is well-planned and necessary to provide the educational services that the children in our community deserve. 

    The Budget Department acts as a professional resource and consultant for District 49's educational leaders so that they can make well informed decisions that benefit the students, staff and community.
    With one million payroll transactions, 12,500 A/P checks, and 17,500 purchasing card transactions, it is incumbent upon the district’s business office to know when and why money is being spent and if we are making the most efficient use of the funds we have available to educate our students. 
Ron Sprinz
Director of Finance
Phone: 719.495.1109
Spencer McCabe
Budget Manager
Phone: 719.495.1124
Sharita Smith
Budget Analyst
Phone: 719.494.8920