Payroll Department

  • District 49 employs over 2,200 people each year. This includes 1,500 full time employees and another 500 people that handle periodic duties such as substitute teaching, extracurricular coaching, crossing guards, etc..

    The payroll department processes approximately one million individual payroll transaction each year with great efficiency and effectiveness, using only two individuals. The value of all payroll activity is more than $72 million dollars – 65% of the total expenditure of the school district.  

    At that scale and number of transactions, we benefit by having an in-house process with payroll professionals that focus on serving district staff and ensuring that each and every one is paid correctly and completely. The payroll department is an important component of being the best district to work and lead.

Debbie Knoerr
Payroll Manager
Phone: 719.495.1102
Olga Resnick
Payroll Technician
Phone: 719.495.1108
Cheryl Garduno
Payroll Technician
Phone: 719.495.1103
Celina Thrutchley
Payroll & Benefits Technician
Phone: 719.494.8991