Purchasing Department

  • The District 49 purchasing department promotes and follows Colorado State Law, Board of Education policies, building or department procedures, and any other rules and regulations as may be established by central, building, or department administration for purchasing and contracting.

    We r
    epresent the district in a positive manner through courteous behavior and professional actions. We recognize opportunities for improvement and implement improved methods within the limits of authority, including the administration, reviewing and managing of contractual agreements. The purchasing department has no authority to approve contracts, only the content. Everything is signed by the Executive Director of Facilities and Operations or the District Superintendent.  .

    In short, we...

    • Ensure integrity of the procurement process
    • Obtain pricing using the appropriate method, based on the best value for the District, including but not limited to invitation for bid (IFB), request for proposal (RFP), request for qualifications (RFQu) and documented quotes.  
    • Research for the best products, prices and overall value for the district
    • Purchase from intergovernmental and cooperative purchasing agreements where advantageous to the district
    • Provide central purchasing for district-wide information technology, supplies, equipment, services and capital projects and construction (often buying in bulk to get the best value)
    • Provide centralized support for the zone’s and department’s individual purchases
    • Provide asset management
    • Disposal and recycling

    All of our bids are posted to bidnetdirect.com  Registration is free and you can bid directly from the site.  

Purchasing Department Resources

Jim Rohr
Purchasing and Contract Manager
Phone: 719.495.1166
Wendy Shiverdecker
Purchasing Specialist
Phone: 719.495.1140
Dana Reichers
Logistical Support Technician
Phone: 719.210.8927