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Registration Overview

  • Please contact your school's Registrar directly for assistance with transcripts, report cards, proof of attendance, disenrollments or any other school questions.  


    If you are unable to reach your school's Registrar OR have not received a response, please contact your Zone's Administrative Assistant for assistance.

    For school supply lists and other back to school information, please visit Back To School

    Falcon Zone - Tricia Burley – 719-495-5525 – tburley@d49.org
    Meridian Ranch Elem - Falcon Elem - Woodmen Hills Elem - Falcon Middle - Falcon High 

    iConnect Zone - Michelle Wortkoetter – 719-494-8954 – mwortkoetter@d49.org
    Patriot High - Pikes Peak Early College - Springs Studio for Academic Excellence - Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning - Imagine Classical Academy - Falcon Homeschool Program 

    Sand Creek Zone - Cindy Miller – 719-495-1164 – cmiller@d49.org
    Springs Ranch Elem - Evans Elem - Remington Elem - Horizon Middle - Sand Creek High  

    POWER Zone - Brittany Jilek – 719-964-5554 – bajilek@d49.org
    Stetson Elem - Odyssey Elem - Ridgeview Elem - Skyview Middle - Vista Ridge High 
    To expedite the registration process, ensure you have all required documents. A registration cannot be processed without these documents. Applications that have documents submitted that do not meet the requirements listed will be unsubmitted and returned to the applicant. It is each parent or guardian's responsibility to review the required document requirements and upload these documents. If you do not have the birth certificate or immunization records, please contact the previous school or pediatrician and request to have them sent directly to you. The registration office does not request school records or accept faxes from previous schools.
    When you are ready to enroll, visit the "Get Registered" page and start an online enrollment application.
    When is Preschool Roundup for the 2018-19 school year?
    The preschool roundup is scheduled for February 23, 2018.  Please visit the Preschool Overview pages for preschool contacts and the Preschool Registration page for more information regarding the roundup.  Preschool Roundup is your first opportunity to apply for the various preschool programs offered as well as to be included in the lottery for tuition based preschool slots for the upcoming year.  At roundup, your child will have vision and hearing screenings and if there are any concerns about your child's developmental progress, you will be able to discuss your concerns with the preschool staff where additional screenings may be warranted.  There will be activities for the children provided.  This is typically a very busy event so please pay close attention to any scheduling that may be posted on the preschool pages or plan to come early. 
    When Should My Child Start Kindergarten?
    Children in Sand Creek Zone (Springs Ranch Elementary School, Evans International Elementary School, Remington Elementary School) must turn 5 years old on or before Aug. 15 to enroll in kindergarten. Children in all other elementary schools who turn 5 years old on or before Sept. 15 may be enrolled into kindergarten.
    My Child Misses The Cutoff by 1,2,3....Days.  What Can I Do?
    If the child does not meet these deadlines, parents/guardians who reside in-District will first need to seek Gifted Early Access by completing the Early Access application found here.  The deadline to request Early Access is February 22, 2018.  After this date or if residing out of district, the parent/guardian must speak directly with the principal at the school to inquire about the possibility of the child being accepted.  Please know the district's central registration team does not have the authority to override these deadlines. 
    If the child is granted early access please use the gifted and talented approval letter to upload to the child's application in the acceptance letter section. 
    If the principal assesses the child and determines that they are willing to accept the child, you will need to request this on school letterhead that lists the child's name and date of birth and which states that although the child does not meet age cutoffs, he/she is being accepted into Kindergarten - this letter must be signed by the Principal or an administrative designee.  This letter will then be uploaded to the child's application in the acceptance letter section.  Additionally, if the family resides out of district, a school of choice form is required to be completed and approved by school administration.
    Which school will my child attend?
    To assist you in finding your child's school visit our district map, and then input your student's home address. If you'd like to enroll in a school outside your neighborhood system, check our school of choice page, and learn more about that process.  Bus stop information will be provided to you via your parent portal account.
    What about school of choice?
    We keep the school of choice window open year-round. If you prefer to enroll a student outside your designated neighborhood school, complete a school of choice application, in addition to the online registration application.  Visit the school of choice page for more information.
    The registration application must be done first. Once your registration application has been processed, you will then be ready to take the school of choice form to the school or schools you are wishing to choice your student into.  Questions about when a decision may be made or how the decision of acceptance (or declination) will be communicated must be directed to the school.
    Do I need to bring my children or family with me to register?
    No.  Space is limited and there is no daycare provided.  It is typically quicker if the parent come by themselves so that they may concentrate on the application.  If you need to bring your children with you, please know that there is no one available to watch over them so if they are too young to occupy themselves and remain in the waiting room, it would be best to bring someone along with you to provide oversight for them. 
    How will I know when my application has been processed?
    When your application has been processed, you will receive an email from D49Dialer with information regarding your next steps.  After application submission, frequently check your email, junk and spam folders for this email.
    Will I be informed if my application is incomplete or needs additional information?
    Yes.  If for some reason, there are any documents or other information missing from your application, you will be sent a ticket from our LiveChat system that will include your application number in the title and will list out what is needed to allow further review and processing.
    Do I need to wait to register until my child has their yearly physical and receives updated immunizations?
    No.  If you have immunization records - even if they will change with an upcoming physical - you may enroll.  Once your child has had their yearly physical and received updated immunizations, simply take the most current immunization report directly to the school for updating. 
    My child is enrolled in Preschool at one of District 49's coordinated (neighborhood) schools or at Imagine Classical Academy or Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning, do I need to do a new registration for kindergarten?
    No.  All preschool students attending a neighborhood school, ICA or PPSEL will have their enrollments automatically rolled to the next appropriate grade level.  
    I've heard that District 49 has a military student transition consultant.  Is this true?
    Yes!  We are happy to have Melissa Dashner as District 49's Military Student Transition Coordinator (MSTC).  Her office contact information is 719-495-1149 x1022 / mdashner@d49.org or via cell phone 719-271-4341.  The MSTC will be available to assist you with the transition process and any questions you may have about this.  They can assist with active duty and retired military as well as Civil Service, National Guard and those in the Reserves.  The MSTC is located at the Creekside Success Center located at 3850 Pony Tracks Drive, Room 106B, in Colorado Springs. 
    I've heard that there is a waiting list.  Can I "register" my child early to get on this list?
    Contrary to what you may have heard, there are no waiting lists for coordinated (non-charter) District 49 schools.  With the exception of the Preschool Department which keeps a waiting list for the current school year only, all other grades have no waiting lists.  When you submit your registration application, your child will be enrolled in their neighborhood school (unless you have an acceptance letter from a different District 49 school such as Patriot High School, Pikes Peak Early College, Springs Studio for Academic Excellence, Falcon Homeschool Program, Imagine Classical Academy or Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning).  If, by the time you enroll, the neighborhood school is full for a particular grade, the school will discuss this with you and explain where your child will be enrolled at due to the overflow.
    Please know that there may be waiting lists at District 49 charter schools which consist of Imagine Classical Academy, Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning, Rocky Mountain Classical Academy, Banning Lewis Ranch Academy, Power Technical Early College.  Please contact these schools directly for information regarding waiting lists and how to get on the list. 
    I registered my child.  When will I receive parent portal access?
    Our Student Information Systems Specialist sends out the parent portal invitation email periodically.  This email will come from D49Dialer and will have a one time use link on it.  If you click on the link but do not finish the account creation, the link will not work again.  When you receive this email, and are ready to click on the link, please ensure that you are not using Internet Explorer or Edge as these browsers are incompatible with the parent portal system.  Instead, please always use, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  
    If you did not receive the email or have clicked on the link and it is no longer usable, please visit the D49 website, go to the Community Support tab and then to Parent and Student Portal.  From there you may either send us a message by clicking on the red Leave Message button or start a chat with us if you see the green Chat Now button.  In the message, please identify yourself by the name used when enrolling your student, the student name and date of birth to help expedite the look-up process.
    If I already have other children in the district, do I still need to provide proof of residency?
    Yes.  Proof of residency must be current (dated within the last 60 days) and cannot be anything with late or disconnect notices.
    Can I upload multiple files in each field?
    Not currently.  Each upload field will accept one document only.  If another document is uploaded, it will overwrite (erase) the previous document uploaded.  If you have a multiple page proof of residency (housing contract or lease or rental agreement) or multiple page immunization record, you will need access to a scanner that will scan multiple pages into one file or a phone app that will allow multiple pictures to be combined into one file.
    Can I apply using my phone?
    Possibly.  The application process may be done via your phone as long as your phone's browser is not Internet Explorer or Edge. Please keep in mind the file upload requirements.  If you are taking photos with your phone of your documents and if you need to upload multiple documents into one file (such as a notarized letter and utility bill if residing with another family), you will need to have a phone app installed that will allow multiple photos to be combined into one file. 
    How long do I have to finish my application?
    All registration applications expire and are deleted after 30 days from the date that you received the original email with the application link, if they have not been submitted and completely processed. Applications are automatically removed from the system; you will have to reapply.  Please make sure you have all required documents uploaded to your application, and you submit your application.
    What happens if guardianship changes?
    For the safety and security of all students, if your children previously attended District 49 schools and you are now re-registering them, and there has been a change in legal status (e.g. divorce, custody, guardianship or restraining order documents), please upload the respective forms as one document with your proof of residency.  If the forms do not apply to all children in your family, please upload with the birth certificate of the child for whom they do apply.  If applying in person at the central registration office, please bring these documents with you.
    How do I register my child in preschool?
    District 49 preschool programs are available to children age 3 to 5 residing within District 49 boundaries.  Our preschool classrooms are inclusive and welcome students of all skill levels, including children with special education needs.  Preschoolers are placed in their neighborhood school as space permits.  To indicate interest in the District 49 preschool program, visit the preschool application page.
    Already received a 2018-2019 school year acceptance letter?  Please go to the Start Online Registration Application section above.
Kyle Spanswick
Central Registration Supervisor
Phone: 719.495.1149
Roseann Palfrey
Central Registration Registrar
Phone: 719.494.8911
Rachael Rico-Taube
Central Registration Registrar
Phone: 719.494.8911
Von Kiyomi
Student Information Systems Specialist
Phone: 719.495.1138

Creekside Success Center

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