Building Our Future Community


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    Now more than ever before, we are seeing our future community taking shape around us. Families are buying homes and building new ones in rapidly expanding neighborhoods across District 49. The Colorado Department of Education calls D49 by name as the fastest growing district in the state. 

    As a school district committed to serving current learners and those to come with a commitment to building firm foundations, launching successful students and sustaining enduring trust as our guiding priorities we have the opportunity and obligation to ensure our district remains the Best Choice to Learn Work and Lead. We clearly see why the future should be the topic of present conversations.  

    When we began the Building our Future Community plan with the 3B Mill Levy Override question in 2016, we made a commitment to put your financial support into visible action, earning your trust by remaining clear with our intent, transparent with our planning as well as efficient and precise with the resources you’ve provided. Our community’s overwhelming support of nearly 27,000 votes in favor of 3B moved it forward by a two-to-one margin. 

    Your continued support will see us through to the next phase of the Building our Future Community Plan in which we’ll create the best environments for families who will learn with us and candidates who will work and lead with us. We invite you to take a few moments to go over the projects that, with your support, have come to life on-time and under-budget. We are also excited to share more information with you about the road ahead. 

    Competitive Salaries

    3A and 3B have allowed D49 to increase teachers’ pay by $1 million, though we are still working toward a more competitive salary.

    Renovate & Refresh

    More than $20 million was invested into all our school campuses in 2018 to refresh, update and renovate the classrooms, buildings and other facilities.

    Remodeling and Additions

    D49 spent $17 million on additions to our three largest high schools in 2018 to provide better educational opportunities for our students.

    New Schools

    Two new elementary schools were built from funding from 3B. Bennett Ranch Elementary School opened in the fall of 2018 and Inspiration View Elementary School opened in the fall of 2019.

D49 Chief Business Officer Presents Salary Disparities and Comparisons Based On MLO

  • Former D49 Chief Business Officer presented to the Board of Education (June 23, 2021) the current salary financing for district teachers and staff and shows the disparities compared to other similar school districts based on current mill levy override funding in order to start a discussion with the community about possible actions to address the disparities.

    * This video was edited for time, to see the full presentation with some questions and discussion with the board of education, you can watch it on the BOE Youtube channel here...

    PDF Presentation: CBO Salary Presentation to the BOE, June 23

    PDF Document: Cause-Effect One-Pager D49 Look at Salary