Participatory Media

  • District 49 supports several digital platforms that help build on patron understandings. With more than 10,000 people engaged on the District 49 Facebook page, we routinely take the opportunity to coordinate collaboration, foster productive discussion and develop meaningful dialogue, then present that community input to district leadership.

    As online dialogue leaders, we expect a culture of respectful interaction within our participatory media platforms. We ask that everyone adheres to guidelines that promote mutual respect when participating on District 49, and all, interactive platforms. We will delete contributions on district platforms that:
    • Bully, intimidate or harass.
    • Contain content that is hate speech, threatening or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.
    • Include anything that is unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory.

    Official Sites

    Participatory media is software designed to disseminate information through social interactions using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Types of Web-based participatory media include distributed reporting services, social media platforms, community- and topic-centric forums, blogs, wikis, RSS, tagging and social bookmarking, music-photo-video sharing, podcasts and crowdsourcing projects. Officially recognized participatory media accounts are branded or funded by District 49 after being reviewed and approved by the communications department.

    Applicants for officially recognized participatory media accounts must submit their profile name, description, purpose and associated profile images for approval. The communications department will provide guidance to ensure branding standards are maintained. All social media accounts officially recognized by District 49 must have at least two district employees as administrators at all times to ensure adherence to the District 49 Participatory Media Use regulation GBEE-1-R, and its underlying purpose (GBEE-1).
    GBEE-1-R, the district participatory media use regulation, expects that:
    • Participatory media accounts branded or funded by District 49 are reviewed and approved through an application process.
    • Responsible administrators, individuals officially assigned to safeguard the district’s best interest, back each officially recognized participatory media account.
    • Participatory media best practices are considered.
    • Inappropriate, offensive, injurious and illegal content is removed by District 49 account administrators or moderators, or by the request of the district public information officer.
    • District 49 participatory media activity demonstrates as much interest in responding to unfavorable comments as it does favorable.
    • District 49 participatory media accounts include a prescribed disclaimer statement, regarding content and opinions contained on the site.
    • District 49 employees tactfully and factually engage their communities without dramatizing posts.
    • The community’s voice is important – the district’s voice helps to spark discussions.
    • Every District 49 online presence upholds the communication department’s core values: accountability, transparency and trustworthy.