Second Grade

Phone: 495-1149 ext 6527


Degrees and Certifications:

Masters in Reading Curriculum and Instruction

Mrs. Tanja Bower

I am very excited to be teaching second grade! It is the grade that transfers the goals from learning to read to reading to learn. It gives me the opportunity to use my experience in phonics to help grow readers and my experience in discussing complex features of a text to take them to the next level. I have had the joy of teaching grades kindergarten through fifth in my years of teaching starting in 2004 and have enjoyed every moment of every grade. I look forward to many more years of learning and growing as a teacher and helping build our future. 


My credentials: 

B.A. with a teaching certificate for k-6

M.A. in Reading Curriculum and Instruction 

Currently enrolled in UCCS getting an endorsement in Math Curriculum and Instruction. 

Over 76 credits of extended courses around teaching the everchanging classroom in addition to my degrees.

Classroom Information

  • Behavior: Our class uses a behavior chart in which the students start on white to represent the best day. The colors change from yellow, orange, red, to blue based on behavior and redirections needed to help each student be successful. If The student has to flip two colors in one day, a note will be written in the planner along with a think sheet the student needs to fill out and parent needs to sign. If more than two colors are needed, the student will call home. If the student reaches blue, the student will receive a referral. 
    Homework: Students will fill out their planner daily with the expected homework. Generally each student will have a math worksheet to work on and reading s/he will need to complete, each day, Monday thru Thursday. Students are also expected to practice math and spelling daily, or at least a total of 25-35 minutes per week for each subject.
    Snack: Keeping our energy up and maintaining good health in the classroom environment is extremely important for each student. Students should come to school everyday, including half days, with a good healthy snack to boost their energy and keep their minds actively engaged in the activities. A water bottle will also help keep the students hydrated and will help create healthy habit of drinking water regularly. 
    Specials: This year students will have music, art, technology, and PE for specials. It will run in that order based on what they had the previous school day. 
    Subjects of the Year 
    Math: Core subjects with focus on multiplication and fractions with a foundation of division introduced.
    Reading: Five fundamentals of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary) with focus on text based learning and using a text to cite new information.
    Writing: Solid paragraphs to reflect proper communication in all forms of writing with a focus on deepening the discussion in a multi paragraph paper. 
    Social Studies: The fundamentals of geography, economics, history, and civics with a focus in the five regions of the United States.
    Science: Earth science, physical science, and life science with a focus on the scientific method. 
    Spelling: Using the core words correctly in everyday writing with a focus on the rules of the language and words from the curriculum being taught.