Fifth Grade

Phone: 495-1149 ext 6515


Degrees and Certifications:

Masters in Reading Curriculum and Instruction

Ms. Tanja Bower

I have had the joy of teaching grades from kindergarten through fifth in my years of teaching. I look forward to many more years of growing in the field as I am a lifelong learner and teacher. I am blessed to be able to have my hobby and be my life-sustaining career. I have been teaching since 2004 and cannot imagine doing any other career. 


My credentials: 

B.A. with a teaching certificate for k-6

M.A. in Reading Curriculum and Instruction 

Math endorsement from UCCS in Math Curriculum and Instruction. 


Classroom Information

  • Welcome to Fifth Grade!




    Students can expect to receive homework assignments Monday through Thursday. Homework will usually consist of the following:

    Math - Students will have the opportunity to begin homework in class.  Any unfinished classwork and/or homework will be assigned for homework.  This work must be completed for class the next day. Students should attempt the assignment for at least 20 minutes. If they do not understand the content, they should bring what is completed to school the following day. After-school help is available Monday through Thursday.

    ELA - Students are expected to read for at least 20 minutes each night.  

    Language Arts/Writing assignments may be given but should not take more than 20 minutes to complete.

    Make-Up Work

    If a student misses school, it is your child's responsibility to complete the work assigned during his/her absence and to turn it in promptly. The child has two days to complete work for each day absent. Students are welcome to come in before or after school for extra assistance. 



    Grading is as follows:

    4     Applies learning by using higher-order thinking   

    3    Demonstrates mastery of skill

    2     Requires assistance or is inconsistent

    1    Works on foundational skills


    A     performing above grade level 

    AP   advance proficient 4 (100% - 90%)

    P      proficient 3 (89% - 71%)

    PP   partially proficient 2 (70% - 56%)

    NP  not proficient 1 (55% - 0)


    These grades are reflective of the quarterly report cards as well as how the children are graded on their classwork.

    Classroom Rules

    1) Positive Attitude

    2) Act Responsibility

    3) Work Hard

    4) Show Respect



    If any of the above classroom rules are not followed, the student will fill out a “PAWS Sheet” to encourage the child to reflect on and correct their behavior. Parents will be contacted if necessary. For multiple or major infractions, the building behavior policy will be followed.



    - Classes will have 2 scheduled recesses per day. 


    Breakfast and Lunch:

    • Breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase from our cafeteria. Students may also bring lunch from home. For students, lunch is $4.00 and breakfast is $2.50.
    • Breakfast will be served from 7:55 - 8:10. Students desiring to purchase breakfast will enter the cafeteria door, near the south playground door. Students will not be allowed in after 8:10 for breakfast, so please be prompt.
    • Students will be required to punch their lunch number in when purchasing breakfast or lunch. It has been a couple of years since we have had to do this!

    Thursday Folders:

    Thursday folders will contain office and classroom information as well as graded classroom assignments. Please return the Thursday folder the following day.


    Remember to check your child's backpack each Thursday for his/her Thursday Folder. 


    Start and End Time, Arrival and Dismissal:

    • For arrival, doors open at 8:25 and students walk directly to class. Students may use either set of doors that are facing East in the front of the school. Students should be in their seats ready to learn by 8:30.
    • Pull up as far as you can in the Kiss and Drop lane; remain in your car. Even if your child has to walk a bit further, please pull forward. This allows more cars to get in the lane and reduces the congestion on the streets. You are also welcome to park and walk with your child to the door.  
    • For dismissal, students will be escorted out by their teacher at the end of the day using different doors near their classrooms. Kindergarten will dismiss earlier than the rest of the school at 3:35. The remaining students are dismissed at 3:40.
    • Per district policy, please, refrain from bringing your dog when walking to and from school. Even if you have a well-behaved dog, we appreciate you leaving them at home when arriving and dismissing over 500 students.
    • Thank you for your patience and courteousness during the busy arrival and dismissal times.


    Water bottles are strongly encouraged and can be refilled throughout the day.  Only water will be allowed in the classroom.  No soda, coffee drinks, etc.

    Drinking fountains will be accessible.  


    We are looking forward to a great year! 



    The Fifth Grade Team


    Susan Beiner

    Tanja Bower 

    Greg Moles