Safe Bus Riding Guidelines

  • It's our honor to drive children to school. We promise to take good care of them and treat them like our own children. The bus is actually an extension of the classroom; therefore, most of the same rules and expectations of behavior will apply. Many times the bus has twice the number of students than is contained in a typical classroom, and the adult has their back to the students. To maintain an orderly bus, safe for all students, and free from harassment, we must remind students and their parents that according to Colorado Law, the bus ride is a privilege and there is no requirement to provide bus transportation for typical education students. We want to provide the best possible service for our patrons, please don’t hesitate to call and let us know how we’re doing. We hope you and your family have a safe and fun school year.

    A note on vandalism at bus stops: It's a problem. Bus stops will be moved or eliminated if a problem cannot be contained.

    How we tell time: We do run our routes on NIST U.S. time. If you would like to synchronize your time with ours, please call 719.567.6742 for the official time or refer to the time on your cell phone or online computer.

    To protect your child’s privilege of riding the bus, please review these rules and expectations:

    1. To keep the buses running on time for all customers, students shall be at their assigned stops five minutes before the bus is scheduled to depart.
    2. Students will exit only at their assigned stops.
    3. Students will leave the property of other students alone.
    4. Students will sit in their assigned seats, facing the front with their back-pack or musical instrument in their lap.
    5. Eating and or drinking will be at the Driver discretion.
    6. Students are not to be yelling out the windows or on the bus.
    7. Skateboards/scooters are prohibited on the bus.
    8. Sports equipment shall be kept in either the back-pack or another bag while on the bus.
    9. Profane or other inappropriate language is not acceptable on the bus or at the stop.
    10. Students will respect other’s property; do not play in the yards near the stop, or in the road.
    11. Keep the aisle clear of instruments, bags and feet.
    12. Follow the instructions of your driver for safe procedures when crossing the street or leaving the bus stop location. Cross ten feet in front of the bus. Be alert to traffic.
    13. While waiting for the bus, stand 6 feet from the roadway. Do not push, shove, or crowd others while entering the bus. Students need to go directly to their assigned seat.
    14. Students shall not use or display of any tobacco/nicotine products regardless of the means of delivery (smoking, chewing, matches, lighters, etc.); zappers, laser pointers, or alcohol.
    15. Students will be respectful of the driver and other students.
    16. Sharp objects such as pencils, compasses or any other tools will remain in the backpack.
    17. Students will remain in their assigned seats during transportation and until the bus has come to a complete stop and the park brake has been applied.
    18. Students will not tamper with or damage the bus, including the seats, floor, sidewalls, or any other equipment, including the emergency equipment. (Fines will be assessed for any damage.)
    19. Students will keep head, hands and feet inside the bus at all times.
    20. Students will not throw any objects on or out of the bus.
    21. Students will refrain from the display or use of cell phones except with the permission of the driver, to contact their parents or when their parents are calling them.
    22. Students will refrain from spraying perfume or any other aerosol product.
    23. Bullying, harassment or any other such behavior will not be tolerated at the stop or on the bus.
    24. Students will refrain from roughhousing or any physical play at the stop or on the bus.
    25. Students will remain on the bus once they have boarded.
    26. No other students may board the bus at the school once the bus has started to roll.