Special Education

 Diane Patterson



Degrees and Certifications:

Diane Patterson

1979: Graduated High School (Lodi High School, Lodi CA)

1981: Associates Degree Earned in Radio and Television (San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton CA)

1985: Bachelors of Arts Degree in Design for Television (San Diego State University) Yes it is a GREAT place to go to college

1985: Went to work at Magic Mountain Entertainment Department working with shows, concerts, visiting bands, etc.

1987: Headed to the Caribbean on a Cruise Ship working as a stage manager for the stage shows (the SS Norway)

1988: Went work at Universal Studios Hollywood opening The Wild, Wild, Wild, West Show, originally named The Riot Act (until there was a riot in LA). And continued to travel the globe whenever asked.

1994: Worked with various vendors within the entertainment industry, supporting movies, commercials, music videos, and theme parks

1997: Got this wild Idea I should begin a family as a single mom and adopt my children through the California Foster Care Community

1998: Fost/Adopt my girls (siblings), they came to live with me at the ages of 7 and 8. Sara and Courtney changed my world at this time for the better.

2001: Getting laid-off for the second time in 3 years in the industry (realizing that projected based work as a single mom may not be the wisest career choose). Decided to look into a different career and began working as a teacher in LAUSD. Beginning the education to gain my teaching credential in SPED.

2002: (The whoops adoption- yes it happens) Got a call from my fos/adopt agency that they needed a “temporary” placement for a little 4.5 boy. Grandparents are going through the process to become legal guardians, “you’ll be lucky to have him for a month” said the director of my agency. Christian my youngest and what a blessing (he is a graduating senior this year).

2005: Both girls hit high school and I begin to wonder whatever possessed me to think I could do this as a single mom. Thank God Christian was there and loved to hug me.

2006: Moved to Colorado Springs (where we had close friends already living here and the best part was the city bus didn’t stop in front of the high school and head to the mall – yes that happens in Glendale, CA)

2006: Hired at FHS – and to this day I love working with your children (they may not always love me, but I even love that, the challenge).

2009: Became a grandma for the first time.