Sixth Grade Mathematics

Mr. David Power



Degrees and Certifications:

BS Mechanical Engineering/Fine Arts from Rice University, 1982 MA Curriculum and Instruction from University of Colorado, 2005

Mr. David Power

I am excited to be starting my 14th year in the Falcon District as a sixth grade math teacher.  I look forward to working with you and yours to help us all become better problem solvers.

How Mr. Power Determines Math Grades for Students

  • Just a note that may answer some of the questions that you may have about your child’s grades and how they reflect his/her progress:

    • Grades are entered into the grade book occasionally during the week, but you can expect updates at least once a week.
    • Assessment results can take a week because of the density of information exchanged.
    • This is important: Assignments that are well-completed and on time have priority in the grading process. Updating the grade for missing and incomplete assignments takes time also! Parents, please keep this in mind when administering consequences from home. Thank you for your patience.
    • Math grades are taken 50% from assessments and quizzes (to reflect achievement based on math content and practice standards) and 50% from daily assignments, both classroom and homework (to mirror achievement based on math practice standards).  Each student is responsible for showing all work in his or her journal and test papers.
    • Daily assignments (including both class and homework) are worth 10 points.
    • A successfully completed, 10-point daily assignment is: Well-attempted, completely answered, and gives evidence of sincere problem solving that is explicitly corrected with pen on the following day, having been done on time.
    • Penalties (given at the teacher’s discretion):
      • -1 point for being late (and not due to absence) and/or uncorrected.
      • -3 points for incomplete, half-hearted attempts that produce little if any evidence of thinking.
    • Any missing work can and should be made up, but must be done completely to avoid an additional “incomplete” penalty.
    • Incomplete work may be completed in exchange for a late penalty.
    • Quizzes are taken from select homework problems previously assigned and corrected. They may take place near mid-chapter and are additionally used as formative assessment data.
    • Assessments (tests) take place each chapter and assess both math content and practice in the forms of team and individual tests.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns: