Kindergarten High-Frequency Sight Words

  • Dear Parents,

    Learning high-frequency sight words is very important to your child’s ability to read fluently in English.  Some words cannot be decoded easily, and your child should know them by sight – we call these sight words.  We also call them tricky words. High frequency sight words can make up more than 50 percent of the words children read.  When a child masters sight words, he/she experiences success in at least half of what he/she reads. 

    In order to motivate your child to learn sight words, our class will be using an exciting program called “Rainbow Words”.  There are six groups of words, one group for each color of the rainbow.  When your child is able to read all of the words in a color, he/she will color that arc in their data binder in class. The goal is for your child to master all of the words on the rainbow before the end of the school year in order to prepare for first grade.

    Your child will receive a progress form that shows which words he/she has mastered (circled words) and which ones still need to be learned.  You can help your child build confidence and have fun while learning the words. 

    The first list is the purple word list. Please practice these words nightly, and NOT in order!. It would be a good idea to write them on index cards and mix them up each time you practice. We will be assessing them out of order as well.  Please let your child's teacher know if you have any questions!

    Thank you for your ongoing support!


    Purple Words: the, you, of, that, a, he, to, is
    Blue Words: was, his, for, they, are, I, as, with
    Green Words: be, one, this, by, have, word, from, or
    Yellow Words: what, your, allsaid, werethere, wewhen
    Orange Words: usehoweachtheirwhichlike, she, sodo
    Red Words: hasherenooncemysayswhy, mewhere