School of Choice Information

  • The Registration office will close at 2:30 pm on October 12th for a staff meeting.


    The Registration office will close from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm

    on October 21st for a department meeting.


    We apologize for the inconvenience.




    You must complete a Choice registration application if:



    • Out-of-district student is applying for the first time to a District 49 school.


    • New in-district student who would like to attend a school that is not their neighborhood school. See District Map for your neighborhood school.


    • Current student that attends Banning Lewis Ranch Academy, Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy, GOAL, Power Technical Early College, and Rocky Mountain Classical Academy, who want to change schools, but not attend their neighborhood school.


    Required Documents Needed for School of Choice Registration:


    1. Parent/Guardian ID
    2. Student Birth Certificate or Passport
    3. Proof of Residence (Service bill dated within the preceding 60 days, lease if signed within the preceding 60 days, contract if the closing date is within the next 60 days or notarized Warranty Deed, if closing was in the preceding 60 days.)
      1. No service bill in your name or living with another family?
        • A notarized letter from the owner/renter indicating the names of all individuals within your family and address and the owner/renter’s service bill dated within the preceding 60 days
    4. Immunization Records
    5. Unofficial Transcript/Report Card (from previous school)
    6. Behavior Report (from previous school)
    7. Attendance Report (from previous school)





    Brand New Students


    • Registration Information – Get Registered – 2022-2023 Online Registration Application
    • If you do not have a registration account, click on Create Account
    • For the question asking “Are you enrolling your child into the neighborhood school or would you like to choice into a D49 school?” - Click Choice School
    • Fill out all of the other required information
    • Upload ALL required documents



    To start the School of Choice process, click on the 2022/2023 online registration link:


    2022/2023 Online Registration Application



    Currently Enrolled Students transferring to another school within our District:


    • Sign into your Parent Portal ( account.
    • If you do not have a Parent Portal, contact your current school to sign up and get access.
    • Click on forms and choose the School of Choice e-collect form


    District provided transportation is not offered for School Choice students.

    Transportation Information:

    If you are still not sure whether you need to submit a Choice registration application, please contact
    D49 Central Registration





School of Choice Documents

  • How are School of Choice applications approved?

    Posted by:

    The selection process is based on a priority system. Residents of District 49 are considered first. Non-residents are considered second. Administrators at the school make every effort to accommodate requests; however, choice enrollment acceptance is limited by space, staff availability and the schools' choice procedures. Other determining factors involve the requested grade level or availability of special programs and facilities to meet a student’s educational needs.

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  • How will I find out if my School of Choice application is approved?

    Posted by:

    Please inquire directly with the school as to what their notification procedures are and when to expect a decision.       

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  • If my School of Choice application is accepted, how long is it valid?

    Posted by:

    School of Choice approved applications are good for the duration of an academic level. For example, a student who is accepted into an elementary school does not have to complete a new choice application until they're ready to enter middle school. District 49 residents who move out of the district may finish the current school year, but must submit a new choice application for the following school year.

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  • How do I find out about what each school offers?

    Posted by:

    Please visit our district website, under Portfolio of Schools for more school information.

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  • Does my child get full-day kindergarten if my School of Choice application is accepted?

    Posted by:

    District 49 elementary schools only offer full day kindergarten.

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  • Will my high school student’s eligibility be impacted by using choice enrollment?

    Posted by:

    Restricted athletic eligibility is a factor that families should consider before transferring to another school. Parent/guardians are encouraged to completely read and understand the Colorado High School Activities Association rules. According to the CHSAA Transfer Rule, "A student who transfers to a different high school without a bona fide family move over the summer will have restricted eligibility for the first 50 percent of the season in the upcoming school year in those sports (sponsored by CHSAA) in which they participated during the calendar year preceding the transfer.” If you have other questions, please contact your school's athletic director.

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  • Whom should I contact if I have more questions about School of Choice?

    Posted by:

    For online application questions or assistance, please contact the Central Registration office at or by calling 719-494-8911.  For specific school site and choice information for that school, please contact the school directly.

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  • When is the choice enrollment period?

    Posted by:

    District 49 administration is pleased to announce that they have not only opened the School of Choice window but they have opened the door. School of Choice is now open year round. No confusing dates to remember.

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  • Where do I get a School of Choice application?

    Posted by:

    Parent/guardians may download the application from the D49 School of Choice web page.

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  • Where do I submit the School of Choice application?

    Posted by:

    School of choice applications are submitted directly to the school(s) you would like your child(ren) to attend. 

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