• We Love D49 Teachers

  • Why We Love D49 Teachers

    Voters in eastern Colorado Springs and El Paso County will weigh in on a ballot measure that would guarantee raises for School District 49 teachers for the next seven years. The Board of Education’s decision to advance the measure to the November ballot follows a 2023 board-approved strategic objective to pursue local financial support to improve pay for teachers. 

    This November, voters will have the opportunity to support a mill levy override that is 100% dedicated to increasing teacher pay. This measure both honors and rewards teachers with guaranteed raises while also making student achievement and growth a top priority. 

    This page will provide information about why District 49 believes that a mill levy override dedicated to increasing teacher pay is the best opportunity for our community to support the district that aspires to be the Best Choice to Learn, Work and Lead.


  • School District 49 is celebrating teachers with an enduring promotional campaign that states very simply: We Love D49 Teachers. 

    Everyone featured in the video we produced is either a current student or a graduate. And whether they are: an executive at Delta Airlines, or a kindergartener in D49’s dual language immersion program, or embracing subjects in student-centered classrooms, D49 students and grads are growing. They are thriving…because D49 teachers are there. They are up early. They are committed to launching successful students by investing time and resources in student achievement. 

    We’ve learned, and as you're about to see, D49 students and grads can say in one voice: “I am… Because you are.” 

Teacher Profiles

  • Caitlin SteelCaitlin Steel

    Social Studies
    Vista Ridge High School

    What do you love about teaching? 

    Choosing to teach as a career was the best choice I think I could have made. Obviously, Vista has some amazing students that I’ve had the privilege of teaching. I also love the creativity piece of education that allows me to have fun teaching lessons and collaborate with my peers!

    What motivates you each day with your students? 

    Making learning fun and engaging has always been my goal. I want my students to enjoy coming to class and learning something new. Being in class and making connections with students outside of just social studies makes me excited to see them each day and learn something new about them. 


777 Information

  • Everyone has questions about the proposal to increase teacher salaries.

    Find out more here. 

Alumni Love Teachers

  • Alumni Love D49 teachers

    See what some of our successful alumni have to say about their favorite teachers. 

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