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Kari Roberts

My name is Kari Roberts. I have been working with children and in education for almost 30 years. My husband is retired Army, and we have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. We have lived in Colorado since 2006. I worked as a paraprofessional while going to school. I now have a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Special Education, and Special Education Generalist.
I like to travel and learn about new cultures. I love to experience their traditions, foods, and way of life. When I am not traveling, I spend time at home with my husband. My oldest daughter lives here in Colorado currently, and is trying to find her path after a year of teaching middle school science. My son in law and daughter are stationed at Fort Bragg, so I travel there to visit them and my grandchildren as often as I can.
I believe all children can learn, but that no two children learn the exact same way. What one child may learn quickly and understand, may take longer for another child. We all have strengths and weaknesses and that is what makes each of us unique. To me this is the fun part of Special Education, learning how to fit the puzzle together so children can shine with their strengths, and still fill confident with their weaknesses. No child should ever fill discouraged or ashamed of something they can't do YET.