• Content Area SSAE Graduation Requirements H.E.A.R. Requirements
    English 4 credits 4 years
    Social Studies 3 credits 3 years (one must be World History or US History and Civics)
    Science 3 credits 3 years (Two years must be lab-based)
    Mathematics 3 credits 4 years (Algebra I and higher)
    Foreign Language or Practical Arts 1 credit Prefer 2 years of the same Foreign Language
    Fine Arts 1 credit  
    Physical Education 1 credits  
    Health .5 credit  
    Academic Electives   2 years
    Additional Electives 8 credits  
    Total Required Credits 24.5 credits  
    **In addition to the credit hour requirements, all graduates must also demonstrate mastery in English & Math by meeting one of the benchmark minimum
    scores in both content areas. The Menu or Options include: https://www.cde.state.co.us/postsecondary/graduationguidelinesmenuofoptions09-21-22pdf