Important Changes To Your Email Address

  • As part of a continuing effort to improve security and comply with best practices, District 49 will change the naming structure for email addresses throughout the district. Because we value you, your work, and your safety, we are striving to make this important transition as painless as possible.  

    The following information outlines how we’ll roll out this change, which will occur in two phases. We encourage everyone to read through to the end to get a clear picture of what you need to know. 

    What is changing?

    The following example (using Jacob Smith and Jonathan Jason Smith) best illustrates the changes: 


    Current Format: 

    First initial/Last name

    New Format: 

    First name.Last name

    Jacob Smith


    What If there are two people with the same name? We’ll add number to name: 


    Current Format: 

    First initial/Last name

    New Format: 

    First name.Last name

    Jonathan Jacob Smith

    Jonathan Jason Smith

    When will this happen?

    Phase 1 - March 6: 
    All employees hired on Monday, March 6 and after, will start out with the new format when they are hired.

    Phase 2 Summer Break: 
    All employees who were already hired before Monday, March 6 will have the change applied over the summer break. We are doing this to limit the disruption as much as possible.  

    What do I need to do right now?

    No immediate action is necessary. When we get back from summer break, we’ll have more communications and instructions. This notice is a courtesy alert and an opportunity to share what we are planning.

    What does it mean for me?

    1. You’ll notice the format change (for new hires only) after March 6. Gmail will auto fill the new format email address when you start typing.

    1. When your email address changes to the new format:

      1. Use your new email to log into Gmail, and other platforms that are tied to your email address.

      2. If you send an email to an old format address it will still arrive. The reply will come from an address with the new format.  

      3. Everything you currently see in your Google account will not change.  All emails, documents, shared drives, and everything else you have access to with your old email will automatically be there for you with your new email address. 

    What disruptions should I expect?

    Logins to other systems inside D49, specifically Skyward, PowerSchool, Schoology, Enrich, and Novatime will require your new email address format to log in. System administrators will send separate announcements with additional updates.

    Can I request a different email address?

    No. You may designate a nickname or name you go by, and gmail will auto populate your contact info

    As people search for your name, or start typing your name in a field, it will show up as you want it to and people can easily find you. For example, if Jonathan Jacob Smith goes by his middle name, Jacob, people will see 'Jacob' when they start typing his name in the “to-line” of an email.

    How long can I keep using my old email address?

    Gmail will convert old email addresses into an “alias,” which means email sent to your old address will automatically be delivered into your new address. We will gradually phase this out, so we encourage everyone to start using your new email address immediately when possible. 

    When your business cards or other printed materials run out, get the new ones printed with your new address. Update your websites with your new email address. Remember to check things like presentation slides you may use that have your old email address on them and update them as you begin using them again.  

    What happens to my old email address inbox, documents, and everything else in my Google account?

    The first time you log into Google with your new email address format, you shouldn’t notice any difference. Ed Tech, IT staff, and Sentinel are working hard to make sure everything is as seamless as possible. 

    What if something goes wrong?

    We are working hard to make this a seamless transition, but we cannot predict or eliminate every potential snag or disruption. If you find something that we seem to have overlooked, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always here to help, and will get things fixed as quickly as possible.  

    We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. We will work through this important transition with teamwork and respect as we continue to make D49 the best place to learn, work, and lead.